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How to Choose the Best Art Classes for Your Child

Has your child expressed an interest in learning to draw or paint? Have you wondered how to select the best art instructor for your child? Parents often ask advice on how to choose the best art classes for their children.

It's no surprise, really. With public schools often spending only the minimum dollars on the fine arts due to often overextended budgets, parents are looking for other options. One such option for parents is enrolling their child (or children!) in private art classes.

As you start to research art lessons, you’ll find that the teaching styles are as varied as the art itself. Regardless of the medium, from paint to clay, you’ll find this to hold true. What you, as a parent, must determine for yourself is what instructor will deliver the best instruction for your child.

Here are a few important considerations when it’s time to seek the best children's art classes for your child.

What is the instructor’s specialty?

First of all, find out the instructor’s specialty. Whether your child is interested in potting, painting, or sculpting, you should find an instructor who is knowledgeable in that field.

Some instructors teach art as a general discipline while others are masters of their respective discipline. Selecting an instructor who is has mastered their discipline will be best suited to serve your child’s long-term growth. This is often preferred because they will be able to foster your child’s growth from a novice artist as well as guide him as his skill level improves through the years.

How many students are enrolled in the classes?

Class sizes vary from one-on-one instruction to group classes. While one-one-one sounds like the best option on the surface and certainly can be beneficial, weigh what is best for your child.

Ask yourself some questions.Is your child going to flourish more quickly in group setting where she can work at her own pace and benefit from a collaborative environment? Or, does she require one-on-one to keep on a task?

You know your child best and will make that determination.

What’s the instructor’s teaching style?

All people have different learning styles when learning new things. Some people learn from are very hands-on and learn by doing. Others learn by seeing or reading information or by hearing information.

A teacher who understands that all students learn in different ways adapts lessons that use a variety of inputs to help students develop their skills.

Look for an art teacher who uses the atelier art method. An atelier is an art studio set up for students to work in a collaborative environment. Each child learns at his or her own pace. Students in the atelier setting are mixed together regardless of skill level or age. Students who are newly enrolled benefit from seeing the successful progression of more advanced students. On the flip side, the more advanced students learn gain confidence by mentoring the newer students. The instructor is available to give guidance to all students in the studio.

It’s a natural way of learning that combines different learning styles to foster success for all.


Finding art classes for your child can be a great opportunity for you to learn more about your child’s aspirations and goals. When you are looking for art classes, remember that there are many options open to you.

The truth is, there is really no “right” or “wrong” art class. There is only finding the art class that is best for your child and will address both her needs and her goals.

Author Bio: Amanda Lee Jones is a painter and the owner of the Amanda Lee Jones Art Studio in Austin, Texas. Ms. Jones holds a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and has been teaching art for almost 15 years.

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