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When to Call A Professional A/C repair Service provider In Cypress, TX

You don’t have to call in an A/C repair service provider in Cypress, Texas immediately for what could just be a minor problem. You should check the air filter first if it is dirty. If the thermostat is set to cool and the temperature in the room isn’t dropping, there could be ice build-up on the Evaporator Coil due to low air flow from the dirty air filter. It will defrost the evaporator coil faster if you turn the thermostat fan switch from auto to on. Check to make sure you have some air flow, then in one hour re-check it, you should have more air flow; if you do, let it run on fan for two more hours, then turn the thermostat back to auto and go back to cooling . However, you should still have it serviced.

Simple diagnosis

Check the fans on the outdoor AC unit and the air handler or gas furnace and make sure the they both are operating. If one of them is not running, then call a professional air conditioningrepair service provider in Cypress, TX.

Second, check the thermostat. It’s amazing how many people just turn on the air conditioner by default, meaning they haven’t touched the thermostat from the time it was installed. So the unit could be on fan or low cool mode and they think that’s normal.

When do you need repairs?

Of course, with home diagnosis and virtually no training you can only do so much. Call a A/C repairService Provider if:

– there are strange clacking noises from your AC when you turn in on

– strange odors every time you turn it on

– leaks on your floor

– the breaker for the AC keeps tripping

– ice build-up on your pipes

– the outdoor fan in the heat pump won’t turn on

– erratic air conditioning cycles

If you suddenly find an increase in your light bills and you brought in no additional appliances, your air conditioning unit could be the culprit. Call for a professional air conditioning repair service provider in Cypress, TX immediately. It’s also important to have regular maintenance checkups for your AC to keep it in optimum condition. 

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