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Outsourcing your blog to someone else is a difficult decision because it means you have given your trust to another individual to write contents, design or perform some key functions on your behalf while maintaining the same high-quality standards your audience desire to sustain business reputation while ensuring you appear fantastic at the same time.

Thus, if you are interested in outsourcing your blog, you need an individual who has the ability to motivate your audience, and also be supportive and loyal at the same time. Before you hand over your blog to a third party, ensure you consider the tips below.

1. Build a partnership based on trust when selecting a writer

It is important you set up an interview with your writer face-to-face or communicate with them via video or voice call. Doing this will help you know them more, and provide insights on who they are, and what they can accomplish; thus, communicating with them can help build a good work relationship quickly. You stand to gain a lot from this because it will help you save time and money.

Where to find a professional writer?

- Upwork - TOP1 freelance platform in the world

- MC2 Assignment Labs - find writers with expertise in technical sciences

- Fiverr - fast and inexpensive writers on variety of topics.

2. Things to consider to hire the right person

There are some things you have to watch out for to determine if the person you are outsourcing your blog to is the right person for the job. You should consider things like:

- The writing skills and style of the blogger

- If their behavior or personality aligns with yours

- If they can adapt to your business style

- Their experience in blog writing

- Content delivery times

3. Introduce your writer to your blogging world

To achieve positive results when outsourcing your blog, it is essential your writer is familiar with your blog, your style, your methods, and anything that will help preserve your reputation. You can do this by:

- Allow the writer read previous articles written by you to have an idea of your blog and yourself as well

- Make sure they understand your goals and passion

- Ensuring the writer understands your audience and what they desire

4. Money is relevant, but not as much as you perceive it

No one wants to work without getting paid; however, there are other things you can do to supplement payment and save cost in the process if done the right way. Always remember that if your writer is not satisfied with your payment methods, they can produce low-quality work. Therefore, ensure the money you pay your writer is worth their work.

Some writers have their own small blogs, and sometimes they may receive another form of payment besides cash such as exposure to their blog. You can consider the following points:

- Promote their blog to drive more traffic

- Recommend their service(s) to your audience

- Cash payment

5. Build a healthy work relationship

Make sure you compensate your blog writer accordingly if they did a fantastic job. Building a long-term relationship requires trust, effective communication, attractive compensation, work-friendly environment, and so on.

Keep in mind that blog writers have their own networks, they too can recommend your blog, products or services to others for free, mainly as a favor from one friend to another.

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