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Best Gujarati Snacks you should try at Least Once

Gujarati Snacks or Farsaan is simply mouth-watering. They have a perfect mix of tangy and sweet flavours. We guarantee that every foodie likes at least one or two Gujarati Snacks. Though the Dhokla and Khandvi are the most famous ones, there are many others. The following post is a compilation of the best Gujarati Snacks. If you have not tried them yet, please do! They taste super and you should not at all miss them.

So, here we go!

1. Khaman and Dhokla:

They are different from each other. Yes, you read it right! Khaman is made of gram flour or Besan. However, dhokla is made of rice and gram flour. Khaman is lighter in texture as compared to Dhokla. So, make sure you try both of them. Have you ever seen the pictures of white Dhokla? That is actually ‘dhokla’ and the yellow one is Khaman. Both of them taste amazing. You can also buy them online using FreshMenu offers. You can also get the best places listing on the website.

2. Patra or Patroda:

Apart from Himachal Pradesh, the colocasia leaves’ fritters are made in Gujarat as well. The leaves are cut right from their base and washed. Then, the gram flour batter is applied over them for stacking. Many leaves (around 6 to 7) are stacked using the batter. They are folded like an envelope and steamed. Finally, they are fried to a crispy texture. They have a distinct taste and are a perfect tea-time snack. Once you try them, you will become a fan for sure.

3. Handva:

This is a baked dish of different spices and rice. Sesame is also a key ingredient which imparts a distinct flavour to it. This is more or less like a savoury cake with an outstanding flavour. You can enjoy it with tea or cold drinks.

4. Ghari:

Made with all kinds of assorted nuts in Pure Desi Ghee; this is not for the ones that count calories in salads! Ghari is one of the most delicious Gujarati sweets. You can buy it at almost every sweet shop. It is made in every home during festivals and other such occasions.

5. Locho:

This is a delicious Gujarati snack that was actually a Dhokla gone wrong. The dish originated when someone accidentally prepared dhokla with wrong consistency. However, it became even more famous in the Gujarati fraternity. These days, you can find it on almost every stall. It is served with Bhel, Mint and Chilli Chutney and Chopped Onions.

6. Ice Dish:

Yeah, the Gujaratis have even made ice cream dishes. They are a fusion of golas and ice cream. The gola is coated with vanilla ice cream and lots of cream. The whole thing is sprinkled with lots of nuts and tutty-fruity. This is one amazing Gujarati sweet that you should try at least once. There are many flavours to try and you will be simply amazed by the taste.

7. Methi Gota:

The Gujaratis have perfectly understood the art of making pakoras. Methi Gota is the fenugreek pakoda. It is made with besan or gram flour batter and green fenugreek. The small round balls will make it impossible for you to stop. They are a famous tea-time snack in Gujarati households. So, if you want to take a break from the regular pakoras, enjoy them.

Surat is the best place to enjoy all kinds of Gujarati food. However, nobody said that you have to go there to enjoy Gujarati food.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick one and order now!

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