How web to print technology is transforming traditional printing methods?

Do you think print is dying? May be, only to be reborn as a personal print. Let's see the difference between old printing techniques with the latest personalized print through web to print software and see changes in patterns:

1. Phone books are a thing of the past because you can find every information you have about Google in seconds.

2. With the rise in mobile phone and web browser, newspapers are losing their popularity.

3. Advertising and brochures are going digital.

4. Kindle is handling hard-copy books, as you can read Book Mark or Highlighter without your facility on your Kindle or Mobile app and many more for print products

However, this does not mean that the print industry is decreasing in its own right; it means that industry is transforming, and its strategy is to take advantage of the print media, with businesses changing the trend of customers and procurement of behavior.

Let's discuss why and how:

1. Real print feeling: A well-designed and targeted print ad can strengthen your brand value in such a way that the website's banner ads will never be used. The effect of glossy paper, high-quality print, and full color mean that customers are looking at presenting a brand in their professional best.

2. Customized Gifts: Customized gifts or corporate free is the best way to remember a prospective customer. Anything digital cannot replace the bliss of getting free stuff.

3. Volatile Data Printing: As per the survey of an independent agency, 80% of the customer says, they read direct mail marketing materials or at least scan and receive them immediately. Nowadays, companies are making use of volatile data printing for making personalized ads and marketing to deliver customized marketing material on targeted customers.

4. Marketing material: It is significant to have a website if you have a business' in this tech-driven age. Moreover, an independence agency's survey says that 48% of the customers visit the website after getting direct mail and marketing material from the business. Printing is one of the leading mediocre to attract people towards the digital medium of business.

5. Packaging materials: Boxes, packaging, and personal label, etc. All products are part of branding, which has no digital counterpart and will keep the print alive in the future.

Summing up: The print is not going anywhere: It only needs to be developed in its new incarnation to match the digital changes of the world. Drop us a mail at, and we will assist you in getting best web2print solutions suited as per your business needs.

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