How You Can Make Tuscan Chicken In Just 25 Minutes In Your Instapot Pressure Cooker

There has probably never been a single cooking appliance to ever gain the instant notoriety of the Instant Pot. For several Christmas seasons in a row, it was the number one most gifted kitchen item, and the most loved kitchen appliance received. The reviews are ecstatic, people love their Instant Pots for all of the great things they do, and how fast they do them. Here is one of the best pasta recipes that you might enjoy, Tuscan Chicken.

Cooking All of The Ingredients In One Pot

You've heard the statement about a one pan meal, well the same can be done with your high pressure cooker as well. This is one of the unique qualities of these machines since you don't have to have separate pans available to sear or brown the meat before you get started.

Pasta is generally one of the more healthy meals, it tastes fantastic, and cooks in very little time, finishing up in less than 30 minutes total. That's hard to beat. And with the Instant Pot, the included meat, whether its chicken, pork or beef, comes out tender enough to cut it with a fork.

How To Cook Tuscan Chicken Pasta

The Tuscan area of Italy is known for its wine vineyards and specially spiced foods that are tasty yet savory. Tuscan Chicken is both creamy and cheesy, using chicken, spinach, and dried tomatoes all together in a smooth sauce. The cream cheese and Parmesan cheese included in the recipe blend together giving a unique texture and awesome flavor. Then the dried tomatoes add a degree of tartness to the dish with the spinach being the freshness ingredient in addition to bringing the dark green color.

Start With Boneless Chicken Meat

You can use either boneless chicken breasts or thighs, and you can substitute turkey as well. Pasta cooks up quickly in any pressure cooker, usually in just 4 to 6 minutes, that's the reason many people love pasta cooked this way, it's fast, the pasta absorbs the flavor of the sauce, and comes out tender every time.

You start by turning your Instant Pot to the sauté function, this is a common starting place of many recipes including meat because you'll want the meat braised a little for the flavor. You brown the meat in a tablespoon of oil to start with, add in the seasoning, and brown in about 3 minutes.

Then you add in the diced onion and garlic with the chicken for about another 2 minutes until tender. Throw in the dried tomatoes, pour in the chicken broth and scrape/stir the mixture to get the bits of fried chicken fat to release into your broth.

Then you add the pasta straight into the pot with the a of evaporated milk, put on the cover, and set the valve to seal. You only need to cook under pressure for just 4 minutes, do a quick pressure release and remove the chicken completely for cutting into cubes.

Then you melt the cream cheese into the pot, stirring until it is completely melted while in the sauté function. Add in the Parmesan cheese, cubed chicken, and spinach and you're ready to serve. Including prep time, cooking time, and under pressure time, you can have this meal on a plate in about 25 minutes.

As you can see, making an absolutely fantastic Tuscan Chicken meal in just 25 minutes or less is possible with your Instant Pot. That's why they are so popular, they are lightning fast, the food is healthy, the taste is incredible, and there are recipes online to make millions of your favorite foods.

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