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Overview of the Capabilities of the IPTV Set-Top Box

IPTV set-top box emerged a few years ago, however, not everyone is familiar with this great device yet.

This technology is all about transmission of a digital television signal to computer IP networks. To do this, the signal gets encrypted and transmitted to a playback device, which can be either a home computer or a special device – an IPTV set-top box – the so-called STB or IPTV Set-Top-Box. The reviews of the best IPTV-boxes are available here.

On the computer, decryption of the signal and the display of the image are handled by special IPTV players. In the set-top box they use electronic circuits of decoders that convert the encoded digital signal into analogue video for the TV.

The main advantage of the technology is in the availability of various digital resources such as IP-TV or IP-telephony.

A similar principle of operation of these technologies guarantees reliable transmission of telephone or television signal via usual fiber optic cable, while transmission quality allows watching shows in high resolution, with excellent color rendering and multi-channel audio. Another advantage of technology is its interactivity. IP-connection works in both directions: from the client to the server and vice versa. Therefore, the consumer is able to manage the service directly from his computer or a set-top box.

List of features of IPTV set-top box

IPTV set-top box allows you to do the following:

1. Obtain access to the movies upon request. In order to do it, you should send a request to the VoD video library on the server. If the requested movie is available in VoD, it will be available for viewing for a small fee.

2. Create a personal TV program using nVoD service – an alternative to VoD. It resembles a public movie theatre where a whole group of users coordinates movies viewing among themselves.

3. Manage viewing with the help of Time Shifted TV technology, which is, doing the same things that we could do on the VCR and we are doing on the computer today: to pause watching a TV program and fast forward it.

4. Organize delayed viewing using TVoD service. You select the desired TV channels and TV shows in advance and make a request to view them later.

As we see, there are a lot of possibilities, and their interactivity is obvious. Nothing like this can be done with conventional TV: content management is the perk of IPTV.

A typical IPTV set-top box provides access to such Internet services as Youtube, Picasa, Netflix Plex and many others, and it is equipped with USB ports for connecting external devices. Thus, the set-top box makes it possible to play video from computer media, view photos and access video resources via Wi-Fi, provided the router is connected to the device. You can also stream the video to a laptop or a computer monitor.

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