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There are various types of fluids required to keep a car running right. Some fluids are used to cool the engine and some are used to function it. The different types of oil help make the car function smoothly. All kinds of oil have different functions are necessary for the car to gain maximum efficiency. Here is a list of different types of oil, there uses, and when to change them.


It is the most important oil in a car and should be check and replaced time to time. The engine oil needs to be changed every 5000-7000 miles. It lubricates all the internal parts of the engine and reduces the heat causing friction. Engine oil helps lubricate parts like pistons and valves to keep them from getting damaged. Always select the best quality of oil and replace it on a timely basis to improve the lifespan of the engine and keep the parts safe and smoothly function.


The transmission oil is similar to engine oil in function and is of red color. It helps cool down and lubricate the transmission of a vehicle. It keeps the gears of car smooth and lets them function easily. The transmission fluid needs to be changed every 30000-60000 miles or one a year.


The radiator coolant is really important as the car might overheat. The coolant does the job of cooling down the heat that engine generates. It needs to be checked and filled on regular basis to avoid engine breakdowns. The radiator needs to be flushed every few months to make sure that dust particles don’t settle down causing problems. The coolant needs to be refilled whenever it gets low.


The brake oil is required to keep the brakes functioning smoothly and effectively as any glitch in braking can lead to severe consequences.The brake oil maintains the proper hydraulic functioning of car brakes. When a driver presses the brake pedal, the brake fluid gets compressed and sends a hydraulic force to the brake pads which provides friction needed to stop a vehicle. Brake oil needs to be changed every 40000-50000 miles.


It helps the steering turn and function smoothly. It eases the mechanism of the steering. The steering oil needs to be changed every 60000 miles.

These are the basic fluids required in a car, their functions and when they need to be changed.

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