Ultimate Guide To Using Polyolefin Shrink Film For Food Packaging

The food packaging industry is huge. With limited space on store shelves, retailers need new and creative ways to make their items stand out. Food packaging designs and materials come in various kinds and at different costs. Smart business owners look for cost-effective but quality packaging for their products. Clear packaging is a good option for a variety of items including candies, pastries, meat, bread, and many others.

What is polyolefin shrink film?

Polyolefin shrink is a form of premium shrink film known for its extreme durability and versatility. This material is applicable in various applications and is approved by the FDA as food safe material. The material is available with various characteristics including incredible clarity suitable for high-speed packaging needs and cross-linked film with high-tensile strength. This also prevents eliminates buildup on the sealing components of equipment. The extra strength and availability of film in various gauges allow use for different purposes including food packaging.

This film is puncture resistant with extreme seal strength for various packaging requirements including irregularly shaped items. The material offers excellent protection throughout the supply chain. Versatility and low-cost Polyolefin shrink is applicable by multiple machines and packaging need to meet protective packaging needs regardless of size. For products that need to breathe, the film can be perforated for air to escape during shrinking. You can even check the supplier for pre-perforated shrink film.

Why use Polyolefin Shrink Film for food packaging

Low cost

The first benefit of using polyolefin shrink film for your packaging needs is the low cost. You can buy shrink film at wholesale price from a reputable supplier online for your needs. Other packaging options cost more compared to shrink wrap. Startups that need to wrap a few hundreds of products weekly or large companies that package thousands of items daily can all use shrink film. Even the equipment used for shrink wrapping come in various forms to meet anyone’s budget and packaging requirements.

Product protection and preservation

It’s important to keep your food products in packaging that keeps them fresh and protected from other damage like dust. Shrink film exceptionally preserves and protects food products from external elements. The packaging keeps the products safe from dust, moisture, and other contaminants that might compromise its quality. Additionally, shrink film offers a proper seal to keep your items longer on the shelves.

Product clarity

Ideal packaging must do more than keeping products safe and protected. It should make the product appealing to customers as well. This is where shrink film packaging scores highly. This material offers exceptional clarity for products that need to be visible through the packaging. Shrink film allows a customer to notice the beauty of the item before unwrapping. This is a great inspiration to pick the item off the shelf generating more sales.

Allows bundling multiple products

Do you usually bundle some customer purchases together? Well, shrink film will do a great job. This material excellently bundles and contains multiple items such as bread together. This helps minimizes the use of packaging material since multiple products are put in the same package. The good thing is that the products don’t lose the appeal when bundled together.

High efficiency packaging process

To package your food products using shrink film requires the use of appropriate equipment. This comes in various options including manual and automatic shrink wrapping machines. You have a chance to choose equipment to meet your packaging needs. This significantly enhances efficiency and speeds up the packaging process. With minimal labor, your production capacity will soar leading to more products available for customers with less labor costs.

Equipment required for shrink film packaging


It’s a heating bar to melt the film and seal the open ends. Sealers come in various sizes and designs to meet different output and product size requirements. Simple low output hand sellers can package about 100 to 200 products daily according to your requirement and item size. For heavy-duty purposes, a high output seal offers better efficiency.

Heating element

This applies heat to shrink film after seals are made. Heating elements include a shrink gun for small business packaging requirements. Heavy-duty packaging requires investing in a shrink tunnel for increased productivity.

Bottom line

Polyolefin Shrink Film is a wonderful material to meet your food packaging needs. Luckily, it comes in various gauges offering excellent protection, safety, and clarity to your products ion the shelves.

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