What should be the ideal Care Routine for Your Egyptian Cotton Sheets?

owing to its superior qualities like strength and softness. Bed sheets are used on a daily basis and given the amount of hours one spends lazing on them, they act as a breeding ground for bacteria and must be laundered every week or ten days.

Those who suffer from allergies may need to wash their linen more frequently as sheets, pillowcases and towels constantly rub against your skin and one lands up inhaling all the germs that may have developed on them because of constant use. It is better to always have a spare pair of basic bed linen for quick changes so you are never stranded because you need them not just every day but even during the course of each day.

When you buy Egyptian cotton sheets, you cannot afford to neglect taking care of them given the expense incurred while purchasing them. By following this basic after care routine, you can enjoy the comforts of these premium quality sheets for a long time to come:

Frequent Washing

While washing bed sheets avoid overloading your washing machine. Wash them one set at a time independently, using a mild detergent, in cold water which will prevent them from shrinking and by selecting a gentle cycle on your machine to avoid any damage to your sheets.

Adding one tablespoon of baking soda and one cup of vinegar during the cycle will help remove stains that may have developed, in the most natural and effective way. It is better to avoid using bleach and fabric softeners as they tend to make the cotton fibers break down quicker. Also, you do not need to add heaps of detergent as a moderate amount works its magic.

Dry Them Out

Soon after the washing cycle is completed, remove the clean sheets from your machine, give them a quick shake and dry them out immediately. If you have a big enough clothes line, hang the sheets on the line by opening them up completely and such that wrinkles do not develop. While drying, the sheets should not be exposed to direct sunlight yet get some amount of fresh air.

If hanging the sheets to dry is not a feasible option, you can opt to put them in the dryer. Make sure to use the low mildly warm setting on your dryer to prevent the sheets from shrinking. Constantly check the dryer and end the cycle appropriately as over drying the sheets will result in weakening of their cotton fibers and also make them look all wrinkled.

Proper Storage

Fold your bed sheets properly to avoid unnecessary creases developing and to save you the hassle of ironing before using them next time around. You can store them under some weight which will prevent them from getting crumpled. After you buy Egyptian cotton sheets, keep them in a cool and dry place where they are not exposed to any moisture. It can lead to mildew, making them unhygienic for subsequent use. If you still need to iron your sheets before the next use, preferably set your iron to its lowest setting to avoid burning the natural Egyptian cotton fibers.

Bed sheets made from genuine Egyptian cotton will retain their newness, softness, and durability when properly taken care of. They are like your prized possessions ensuring you have a completely relaxing slumber day in and day out. Freshly laundered and clean bed sheets are ideal to snuggle into for a deep and rejuvenating siesta. These are life’s little pleasures that you must not deprive yourself of as the demands of daily living makes this a well deserved indulgence.

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