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Top 6 of the Most Destructive Anime Swords

Anime swords exhibit great destructive force as can be seen in the majority of the amazing anime series. In fact, some of the anime swords are so powerful that they don't only destroy and wreck their enemies; on contrary, these powerful anime swords can wreck and destroy everything else in their surroundings, in some instances, even those who are wielding them.

Some of the anime swords are enormous and can cut through nearly anything, such as the "Busterman" featured in the anime series of Fairy Tail. Then, there are other destructive anime swords and weapons such as the ‘Punisher' featured in "Trigun" that exhibits incredibly strong firing power. The below-given list comprises 6 of the most powerful and destructive anime swords.

1. Silence Glaive

This is one of the most destructive anime swords that are being wielded by Sailor Saturn. Among its various features, this anime sword exhibits the ability to create blasts along with wrecking whole planets. This powerful anime sword can cause global earthquakes and produce massive blows and blasts if wind which leads to the ultimate destruction.

2. Tessaiga

Tessaiga rightfully earns its place among the top 6 most destructive anime swords; this sword has been featured in the anime series of "Inuyasha". This anime sword is also known as the fang that has the power of crushing irons. The Tessaiga is as powerful that it has the ability to slay at least 100 demons on one strike. In this regard, it seems as if this anime sword has a mind of its own and the ability to direct the sword wielder about the time and place of attacking the opponent.

3. Murasame

There are only a few of the anime swords that can match the enormous power of this amazing anime sword. This powerful blade carries a rather poisonous curse that travels through the body of the victim within a few seconds; ultimately, causing the heart to stop. The only method to survive this sword attack is through the amputation of the cut body part.

The Murasame also contains a trump card known as the "Little War Horn" that gets activated whenever the sword wielder accidentally cuts him; thus, the trump card works as an antidote to the poison. Also, this antidote serves as a short power boost as well; however, after the intake of the antidote, the user has to live with a chronic pain that remains even after the destruction of the Murasame.

4. Tsubaki Nakatsukasa

The Tsubaki Nakatsukasa is not so much an anime sword as it is a human being; this is also the reason that it is one of the most destructive anime swords. The human being has some mythical and extremely powerful traits that she has obtained from her respective clan.

In this connection, she can turn into any weapon that she wants to. However, due to the transformation into the most destructive anime sword, she is not in the position of wielding herself. For this regard, another wielder is required who possesses equal power and versatility.

5. Punisher

Nicholas D. Wolfwood is the wielder of this powerful anime sword; the Punisher is designed as a cross-shaped anime weapon. Also, there are nine more anime swords of the same model as the "Punisher". In fact, these anime swords are more of a weapon; particularly, the "Punisher" wielded by Nicholas D.

Wolfwood that comprises two front machine guns and one rocket launcher in the back of the weapon. It is impossible to think of any other anime weapon that possesses more power than the "Punisher".

6. Death Scythe

As indicated by the name of these powerful and destructive anime swords, the Death Scythe is as powerful as anyone can imagine about. The Death Scythe allows the wielder of this anime sword to decide whether the "victim" should live or die.

In case, the wielder or ‘reaper' decides to kill a person, he/she uses this anime sword to cut the connection between the victim's body and soul. Apart from functioning as a Death tool, this sword can equally be used as a weapon of tumult and disturbance. These anime swords are powerful enough to cut through anything and everything.

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