Naveen Kumar

How Inbound Marketing Has Changed Local SEO?

The combination of a good strategy Inbound Marketing with an ingredient that is essential in this process and acts as an essential tactic for the success of a project: SEO. Let's see then, what is the relationship between SEO and Inbound Marketing and why they should be aligned. The involvement of SEO in Inbound Marketing It is impossible to talk about the funnel of Inbound Marketing without directly involving JDM Web Technologies Services. It plays a fundamental role, especially in the early stages. For example, at the attraction stage, it is crucial that our users find information about our products or services. Therefore, in this first phase, at the SEO level, we must focus on the SEO On-page optimization of the site, of the vertical channels and in developing a content marketing strategy by searching for keywords linked to each of the purchase phases of the User mentioned above.

1) SEO On-page Before considering implementing any other strategy, Inbound Marketing is not an intrusive marketing strategy. It is the users who approach the brand. It is important to optimize our website. And prepare it to be reachable for our users appearing in the search results of Google, Bing, or Yahoo when they make a query in the search engines. At the On-page level, to prepare the site, the following will be considered: • Make keyword research to extract all the keywords of the business and its search volume, then develop the architecture of the web, assigning the keywords by landing:

• As for HTML, apply in the code elements such as Title, Meta description, canonicals, alternates among others as well as the application of microdata to improve the CTR and the visibility of the page.

• When optimizing the landings of our site, we must use the keywords that we have extracted from the previous keyword research. And implement them on the landing pages, taking into account aspects such as the keywords. The variation of keywords, as well as the optimization of headings, images, URLs.

• We will prepare our page to be accessible so that it is tracked and displayed correctly: sitemaps.xml, site maps, robots.txt, responsive design. 2) Optimization of vertical channels It is optimizing different vertical channels such as Google or YouTube to attract users through other types of content. It is also one of the priorities in the first stage of Inbound Marketing. Since our "buyer persona" when making inquiries. At this stage, you will also perform searches for videos, images, news, or locations. The recent study of the State of Inbound reflects that the channels that are responsible for the distribution of online videos. 3) Content Marketing It is a primary tactic in Inbound Marketing. During the process of buying a user, he will go through several phases in which his searches will vary depending on the information he needs to make his purchase decision. Local SEO is part of all stages of the purchase process, as we will use it to provide the User with different content in each of the stages of their trip.

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