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When it’s Right to Promote Within the Company

Promoting an employee, in basic terms, means the company advances the career of the employee by giving them a greater share of duties and responsibilities as well as (most often) an increase in pay-scale. Promotions can be beneficial to the employer or business owners as it boosts the morale of the promoted employee, increasing their productivity and ultimately will affect overall profits earned by the organization. Some businesses may offer an annual increase based on a percentage of your pay. For some larger corporations, these raises are almost automatic, while other businesses rely on performance review software to measure an employee’s worth and conclude on a raise amount.

Importance of Employee Promotions

● It is the recognition of an employee’s performance, ambition, and hard work. An employee who is promoted and recognized feels that they are valued by the organization.

● Employee loyalty and a deep sense of belonging in the workplace are generally two strong by-products of promotion.

● Employee retention is greater for promoted employees. The company benefits as the need to constantly hire new talent and the costly training that accompanies the process is greatly reduced year after year.

● Internal promotions, when actioned correctly, create a healthy competitive spirit in the workplace. Employees witness the best in their team moving up. It serves as motivation that by performing well, there is proof that career growth is a possibility within the organization.

● Potential leaders are identified and groomed based on their hard work and success. The organization benefits as they will have ‘leaders-in-waiting’ who have honed their skills and talent in advance, in order to prepare for the promotion.

● Continuing to have employees working hard without any recognition, appreciation, praise or appraisal, will eventually result in a sense of discontent and perhaps a show of resistance. Over time, the productivity of this area will fall, and negativity will become a toxic force. Internal promotions, for the reasons, noted above, reduce employee resistance and discontent.

When Promoting Employees Seems Right

Employee promotions are an important decision, involving a careful assessment and evaluation of the employee’s skills, performance, and other factors or tools, some noted below:

● Employee Performance

Seniority (length of service)

● Merit and ability

● Technical qualifications and Education

● Assessment (unbiased) of potential

● The spacing of the promotion and the overall career span of the individual

● Required training (duties, leadership, etc.)

Making The Decision to Promote

1. Potential for promoting Line-Level employees

1. When they clearly exceed expectations consistently.

2. Their work often involves doing beyond the scope of just completing their tasks. They may take on additional tasks outside of their regular scope and perform those tasks successfully.

3. They show a high commitment to their work. They do not require to be pushed to deliver. They will show a natural commitment to their work

4. When the employee shows adaptability in adjusting to various working conditions, working with teams or alone, etc.

5. When they have mastered their task or craft may be a good time introduce them to new things if they are willing.

6. When the employee demonstrates a willingness to help others within their workspace or another employee in a related area.

2. Potential for promoting Management-Level employees

1. When they show independence in managing themselves. They may stop relying on your instructions and contribute to the welfare of the business on their own.

2. Their goal is to show how their efforts have contributed to the success of the business by embracing the company vision and mission.

3. When they begin to show responsibility and ownership of their work and the impact of their work.

4. When they volunteer for superior roles, responsibilities or other opportunities and show a consistent success rate on each occasion.

Additional Thoughts

As the company grows, new roles created to handle new tasks etc. can help by promoting from within. Make a carefully vetted inventory of your employee’s skills and gifts. This will ultimately help in making the decision on whether to promote the individual employee.

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