Jim Plocker

The Do’s and Don’ts of Using Smartphones on a First Date

It is no secret that we are all busier and busier these days. At almost all times of the day, there are emails, texts, and calls coming in on our phones. Obviously, we cannot pretend like they do not exist, but what is the proper approach to take when you are out with someone for the first time?

Do: Turn Your Ringer To Vibrate

There are many ways a phone can become a distraction in a romantic situation. One of the less obvious ways is the sound of the phone itself, even if you are not taking the calls or texts. It can break the rhythm of conversations and get both your date’s and your own mind drifting to other things.

Don’t: Answer Calls/Text During Dinner

This seems fairly obvious, but it is surprising how often you see two people out to dinner, and one of them yapping on and on while the date sits quietly. It is inconsiderate, gives a feeling of rejection, and embarrasses your date in public.

Do: Excuse Yourself For An Important Call

We all know life does not stop when you are on a date and important things do come up, but it is better to get up and leave the dinner table to take the call. It sets boundaries that time together is for attention on each other, and establishes your own space for privately doing your own thing.

Don’t: Compulsively Check Your Phone

Even without calling or texting, some people are in the habit of constantly checking their phone, just to see what messages came in or check something online. These distractions are not as long as a full phone call, but they seem to come in numbers. If this is one of your bad habits, make a conscious effort to keep the phone put away and do all of your checking at once at the end of the night.

Many of these guidelines are common sense and should be apparent, but they are definitely a problem for many daters. For many, it is more of a habit than an intentional disrespecting of their date. If this is the case, it is important to override your bad habit and remember that you are with someone who is trying to get a feel of what it is like to spend a lot of time with you.

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