Nowadays, brand imaging is not a new concept. Every business is continuously finding new ways to protect its brand image onto its customers and the general audience. It has become the face of branding. So much is invested in the products, so having a good photographer to create a brand image is a necessity.

Having worked with commercial photographers in St. Petersburg, FL, has given me much insight into the current trends and techniques being used in the business industry. Usually, companies hire retail photographers for their brand image, which is a terrible idea.

The commercial photographers may be expensive than retail photographers, but their range of expertise is the key requirement for creating a robust brand image that attracts your customers to your doors. Most companies make this mistake and result in creating a bland image of their brand among their customers.

Once an image of a brand is created in the minds of the consumers, it takes much time and considerable effort to change that image. Make sure to hire the right talent for the job, as it may cost you much damage in the future.

Let me explain the benefits of hiring a commercial photographer over any retailer photographer.


Most of the people are unaware of this term. A portrait photograph cannot be used for commercial purposes. It is meant for personal use. It lacks the planning and emotions required to capture the brand image and impose it upon its viewers. There is no power to inspire. I certainly do not mean that portrait pictures can’t be forceful or inspiring. I mean they cannot project the image of the brand in the hearts of the consumer.

Commercial photographs are specially designed and targeted towards achieving marketing goals. To capture your brand and your product in an elegant way, so the customer feels attached to it on an emotional level. Only an experienced commercial photographer is able to achieve this task.


The primary purpose of hiring a commercial photographer is to create brand awareness among the audience. Having creative photographs related to your brand leaves a long-lasting impression on the audience that helps increase sales of the company. It creates a sense of loyalty among the customers, and most importantly, they remain loyal to your brand.


Having professional photographs of your brand creates consistency. You want to impose a positive and professional image of your brand on your clients. Your clients must feel they are working with a professional company, rather than a bunch of amateurs.


Hiring a commercial photographer gives you innovative and professional photographs of your products and brand. It invokes investors to invest in your company, as it looks professional. Most of the marketing is based on advertisements. Research indicated that 66% - 75% of sales are generated through high-quality photographs of the product being reviewed.


Your competitors are using commercial photographers to promote their products and create a brand image. Why don’t you? To beat the competition, you need to hire the best professional photographer to create a stronger brand and product image.


Creativity plays an essential role in the branding of your company. Everyone has the equipment to produce high-quality pictures. The only thing that makes your brand look unique among the saturated market is based on creativity. Commercial photographers have a creative eye for things. They can instill emotions and creativity in their work. It helps in creating a bond with your audience.


A commercial photographer is skilled in taking your product images to a new level. They use the environment and lightening to induce the feeling of exquisiteness in your product. Making it look one of a kind. They showcase it like it’s meant for the audience.


A professional photographer takes high-quality shots in the first place, so it is a lot easier to edit them afterward. They are efficient in using different tools and software to make your shots look out of this world, and I mean it in a good way!

A novice is not that fluent in using software and tools. Even if they did, they wouldn’t be that experienced to iron out all the problems.

So if you want to promote a positive and powerful image of your brand among your audience, make sure to hire a commercial photographer. There are many Commercial Photography studios in St. Petersburg, FL that provides you professional quality pictures for your brand.

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