Common Problems that Inverter Owners face [With Solutions!]

An incident that almost all Inverter encounter is:

Sudden ghostly sounds that your inverter is making!

Just imagine being alone at your home on a dark night and your inverter makes spooky sounds.

You will start chanting the deity’s name we guess! But it’s nothing to worry about.

According to Inverter, it’s just a normal thing. There are many common issues that inverter owners like us face. So, in this article we will discuss it along with some solutions.

Inverters and it’s problems

Inverters, mostly, are advantageous. You might already be knowing why one should have an inverter at their place.

However, there are certain unknown pros of an Inverter that we are going to discuss further in this article. But first we will discuss some headaches you MIGHT face sometimes if you have an inverter.

1. The sudden beeping sound.

2. Inverter not turning on.

3. Inverter’s battery not charging.

4. Shortened backup time

5. Alarm sound beeping continuously

6. LCD showing anonymous error codes

If you encounter any of these disasters, don’t worry. You can try DIY to fix them. However, if the DIY doesn’t work, take the inverter to its service station.

But first let’s overlook some solutions we have about these problems. Let’s begin.

Solutions to Inverter’s Common Issues

After seeing the queries, you might be eager to know their solution. So, without any time waste, let’s see them.

Solve 1: Inverter not turning on

The unimaginable number of reasons might be causing this error in your inverter. Out of them, here are some defects to solve before concerning any professional. Try them out!

- Battery is not connected correctly or not connected at all. If this is the issue, try connecting your battery with the inverter first.

- Battery terminals are loose. Tight them again and fix the problem.

- Tripped inverter is another thing that you need to check. If it is so, the reset button should be pressed.

- Battery is faulty, replace it soon.

- Rusty terminals? Clean the rust and fix the terminals again.

- Check if the terminals are not reversed. If so, fix them properly.

- Older batteries, either recharge it or replace it.

- Battery drained? Charge it before switching on the inverter.

After following these simple DIYs, if the inverter is still dead, let’s have some more DIY sets to try to make your inverter alive.

Some More DIYs for solving Inverter issues

Following steps can help you with stout & tiny problems in your Inverter:

- Your inverter’s battery fuse might have melted. Please replace them.

- If the rectifiers are burnt, taking the inverter on a service center visit is the only option.

- Inverter producing continuous beeping sound? NO NEED TO WORRY. It alarms you through the sound that it is running on battery power and not on normal electrical supply.

- Beeping sound also indicates that the battery is low. So, do not delay in charging the battery or else the inverter will shut down soon.

- Sometimes, if there is a capacity overload when too many gadgets are working, a beeping sound occurs. Try to stop using unwanted gadgets during the power cut.

- Also, there is a self-test that inverter programs every 14 days. If it finds any mislead in it’s program, a beeping sound alarms. So, take it to the service station soon.

After these DIYs we hope that your inverter is ready to use again. Or else, you should hire a professional or take the inverter to the nearest service station.

Now you might recollect that we promised you to show how inverters will help you in your routine.

How Inverters Make Our Routine Easy?

Power outage is where the trouble begins.

All works elapse.

Perspiration everywhere.

No ventilation.

And if you have an inverter, you are the boss. You can control all these situations.

When Inverter resides in your place, you can easily manage these situations. Generally, every office has an inverter. But inverters should also be present at your home (if required!)

You can control the working of necessary electrical gadgets like an elevator, computers, AC, refrigerator, and many more.


The only thing you should be aware of is:

‘Bigger the requirements of gadgets, bigger should be your inverter.’

Sometimes it turns out to be very costly to maintain and even to purchase an inverter.

Additionally, it requires a special place at your location, sometimes as large as a room. So, these are some conditions that need to be fulfilled before acquiring an inverter.

Plan a budget, select a proper place and then purchase an inverter!

But remember:

“An Inverter will heist some problems that electricity breach causes!”

- Shreyal Shingala, BestCheckin

So, get an inverter soon.

Our Verdict

We hope you get all the information that you were looking for an inverter. If you have any suggestion, doubt or would like to appreciate our efforts, get to us in the comment section.

For more related articles, stay tuned with us!

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