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How to Make Your Workplace Feel a Little Like Home

For many, the words “working from home” have become a reality, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic that hit the world. As much as workers want to do their job at home without dealing with long commutes or workplace pressure, employers may not always agree with this preference.

To motivate employees, companies should work towards turning their offices into somewhere people want to visit. To do that, we have to put home principles into practice at work.

The following are some steps that employees and managers can take to make their workplace feel a little like home, which will help to create a productive team.

Tips for Getting a Homey Workplace

1. Personalized Work Stations

Since they devote so much time to the office, it makes sense for experienced staff to add a personal touch and decorate their desks with things that confer home comfort.

When employees are allowed to use their equipment or place framed pictures on their desks, they feel more comfortable and relaxed. This ultimately leads to people being happier with their jobs, which equals increased productivity, and will definitely lead to a career growth.

2. Getting Rid of the Dress Code

Business casual is an unwritten norm, but it doesn’t apply to every job. The corporate world dress code tends to be a bit stuffy and less comfortable. It’s problematic for many. Employees have a tendency to be more creative and productive in attires that are a bit more casual. Some even need comfy clothes just to make it through the day.

As a result, more companies are embracing casual dress. Either way, you must prepare for meetings with corporate clients by formal styling. The challenge in the changing world of business fashion is striking a balance between day-to-day comfort and professional style when meeting with senior personnel.

3. Favorite Meals

A top benefit of working from home is having complete control over what you eat throughout the day. For some, the best part about eating is sometimes the lack of someone telling them to stop.

Many offices are relaxing when it comes to choosing food for staff. Realizing that a slight rise in local productivity is worth the sacrifice, more businesses are actively ordering good kitchen equipment and allowing snacks in addition to meals served at most desks. More companies are also investing in better kitchen equipment to facilitate the storage and cooking of a greater variety of tasty health foods and motivate their workforce’s higher productivity.

4. Flexibility and Independence

When forced to sit in one chair until a particular time, employees feel imprisoned. However, at home, people can actively choose their hours and activities.

Flexible working hours can make a job more enticing, and can definitely help to improve business innovation. It gives staff more control over when they start or finish, which in turn could boost their motivation and general job satisfaction.

5. Pleasant Atmosphere

If you’ve ever worked in an office, you know how vital it is to enjoy your environment. So why do so many workplaces exist in grey cubicles? With little or no room for creativity, personal expression, or fun, these dreary workspaces often rob employees of the highest quality of work-life and wellbeing – not to mention adverse health effects.

To make employees – and colleagues – want to come to work, businesses have to invest in some very particular things that create a certain type of workplace. Stressless reclining sofas in an office chill-out zone must be accompanied by other specific items such as an elegant designer wallpaper or cute creative art on the walls: this is how business offices can become homey travelling zones.


The number one motivating element for employees is a comfortable workplace. This means sensory cues such as fresh-brewed coffee, the smell of lunch items in the kitchen, and temporary walls that can be moved to create an open space. When a workplace presents a familiar look and feel, employees will love it.

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