John Redken

Where do they find all that awesome reggae-ton?

I have been thinking about this for a while. How to kids find all these amazing reggae-ton songs these days? Whenever I go on Youtube and try to look up some hot Latin singers and artists and bands, I get turned around maybe 60-70% of the time, due to some kind of licensing agreement not reached with my country (i'm in Norway).. Or it is simply geo-limited to Latin American countries like Argentina and Mexico..

What do you do in such situation when not only youtube, but also the song publisher is in your way, saying, no, you can't have it in Norway? It's really not in tune with the times, you know what I mean? Why and why do they want to prevent me from listening to those hot reggae-ton beats? Why they don't wan tme to look at all the shaking bodies? Well, no worries, I have found a solution. I just use this awesome youtube mp3 converter and there is no geographical boundaries, no borders between Norway and Puerto Rico this way. And I am able to get the music. Here's how I do it.

Step 1. Open

It's not rocket science, simply click this link above and you'll be sent to the blue website that's been this way for years. Check it out, look around.

Step 2. Find video on Youtube using the search box

All you gotta do now is type the song name you're looking for or maybe the singer, artist, even genre will work, and submit, hit the blue button on the right. Here's what I see, well, maybe this is for next step, but anyways, this is how it looks for me:

I did search for "ariana grande" and clicked on one of the results, so organically we're moving into step 3... 😊😊

Step 3. Download youtube mp3 to your device

Final step now, all you gotta do is click on any video you like to download and green button will load up with its name there on the bottom. Now you just hit that green button, watch your music being converted to mp3, and finally mp3 downloading to your device, or browser downloads folder, but it is working and you're happy.

This whole process barely takes 30 seconds. Open the site, search for your music, find it and click on it, wait 5-10 sec for the converter to finish working, and voila you have it and it took only 26 seconds...


The beauty of this method is that it's using some kind of servers closely located to Latin America, proxies or whatnot, I am not savvy in this, sorry. And this closer positioning actually lets them download video from Youtube and convert it to mp3, which I personally cannot do on my home PC unless I go into proxies or VPN or any other stuff that spoofs your location... Maybe then.. Otherwise keep using Listen To Youtube!

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