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Different Dogs Breeds


The toy dog ​​is defined in 20 pounds. Apart from the fact that they are LapDogs, many are clever and stubborn and rule on the cage. Because they can get a lot of movement in the house, they live in apartments and are excellent pets for the superiors. They are dogs based on love and people. Keeping Pug and Chihuahua (smooth coated) is easy; Where Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese and Shih Tzu are dogs because it is very entertaining. Unique Dog Names Pomeranian is a species with a lot of shadow. It includes a toy poodle, horsemanship King Charles Spaniels, Havnys, Papilons and Pekingus Sporting Dogs.

Sporting Dog

Game dogs are large dogs that require a lot of movement, but there are good companions. These dogs take you on the hunt. These dogs are good families, smart and gentle. Because there are many trips to the spouse, the Cocker Spaniel is a dog with high maintenance cost. English Springer Spaniel, who got a successful show dog Tribes include Labrador Retrievers, Irish Sets, Britney, American Water Spaniel and German Shorthard Indicators.

No playful dog

This group will be very large, very small size. Personality also changes. A very loving race and who just love their bosses. There are differences in their appearance too. Coated races and easy races. There is also a great variety of colors; Various Boston Terriers from Black & White Lochy Colors Poodle is a very durable dog. And some French bulldogs and governors wash and wear dogs. Other non-Sporting groups include Keshound, Bulldog, Shipar, Lhasa, a PSO and Tibetan Terrier.

Rustic group

In the past, these strong dogs were used to stop feeding livestock and sheep, and to protect livestock from wolves. Many of these species are still popular as farm animals. Most of these dogs have long hair, long ears and small legs. Size ranges from medium to wide. Unique Dog Names They are intelligent, eager to please, loyal, loving; But enough exercise is needed. Collie (trench-coated variation), this group is intensive for many preservation of old English Sheepdog and Brid. The species include Australian Shepherd, Australian cattle dog, border collision, German Shepherd, Shetland and Belgian Shepherd and Polish lowland.


These dogs serve human beings in many ways. Doberman Pinsers and Mastiffs, for example, excellent guards and police dogs. Alaska Malamites, Samoids and Siberian Huskies do not pull sledges; And St. Bernard and the Newfoundlands were being raised for the rescue. They are usually large, strong dogs and they require a lot of exercise. Maintaining Boxer and Rotwiler is easy; But Siberian Haski, Alaska Malamate, German Mastiff and Samoids have lost a lot. The race includes a wide range of unity and standard scorers.

hunting dog

Horanders can be divided into two parts: Scandhounds and Sethounds


These dogs prey on smell, not for sight. Beagle and Foxheads follow the animal fragrance running with their noses on the ground. Their size ranges from medium to large. Beagles lose a lot, but maintenance is easy. Species of blood include Coonhounds, Dachshunds, Harrier, Petit Short Griphon Vendeens and Otterhounds.


These dogs are hunted by that tendency when they see the trick of hunting; Then they overturned their prey at their own pace. They have a larger size range; The heavy greyhounds with toys are very fast runners. Greyhound is a washing and dog carry. Species include whipettes, Italian greyhounds, Pharaoh Dogs, Basenzie, Borzoi, Irish Wolfoids, Intelligence, Salukis, and Scottish Dehounds.


Terriers were originally raised in the game vehicle from the ground hole. Terrier is the most comfortable and thick shave which is not tired. These dogs look fearlessly. Unique Dog Names They also help people by killing rats, rats and other insects. Busy, thick and active, many terriers are a dog version of the hyperactive child and therefore require a lot of movement. The tribes include Cairn Terrier, Irish Terrier, Keri Blue Terrier, Miniature Schnauzer, Scottish Terrier, Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier and West Highland White Terrier.

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