Joseph Begay

How To Build A Wet Room

To build a beautiful wet room requires that you make careful considerations before you kick off the process itself. From finishes,flooring, waterproofing and the overall costs, these are the most important factors that can greatly affect the final product of your wet room.If you are contemplating about building a new wet room,you should perhaps pick the waterproof setup option.This is because it does not only bring a sense of luxury to your home, but also will add value to your property while changing the way you use your bathroom space.

The following is a step by step guide to creating a very perfect wet room:

1. Make a proper financing

It is no doubt that a well architecturally structured wet room costs way more than a non-wet room or even the ordinary bathrooms. Assuming that you will apply a major boost to the floor and drainage systems, you will require an average of $5000 for a luxurious waterproofed wet room.

2. Check flooring needs

Like any building project, the fundamental requirements for a wet room construction include flooring and ceiling installation.A streamlined floor is the best since it enables water to flow freely from the lowest point on the floor into the drainage tract.

3. Buy the right tiles

We have heard horror tales about what slippery tiles can do. It is thus not good to bathe your way to the grave.Buy the right tiles that are specifically suitable for wet areas.Talk to a manufacturer and acquire tiles that have some grip and a gentle texture.This is the best idea for you.

4. Provide enough ventilation

Ventilation for house rooms is very important. It is a requirement that you fix your wet room with adequate ventilation because it controls how much moisture is lingering in your room. So,unless you have a proper ventilation system, you have no control of air quality and energy efficiency.

5. Ensure there's good lighting

Don't we all require a cool ambience for showering, putting on make up and shaving? we do. Fitting you wet room with bright lights is just enough for such tasks.

6. Plan about where to place the loo

The loo is a very key area in your wet room and therefore it should remain as mush practical as possible. Because it should remain dry, it is good to separate it from the shower area. So get a good place to fix your loo.

7. Ensure there's good drainage

Speak to a designer and get your wet room a good drainage system. It is not only ideal for proper disposal of wastes but also gives your room a proper plan and structure.

You can also think about fixing your wet room with a radiator that would ensure underfloor heating. If these tips are applied effectively, what you get is nothing else other than a beautiful,classy and well structured wet room!

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