Joseph Begay

Stages in NYC Video Post Production

Are you wondering how to convey a message about a social issue or a business to the preferred target audience? Well, worry no more because you can do it just by making videos. Visual aid, along with animation, has always been the best medium to reach out to the people. However, you do have to follow a certain process like the ones in NYC video post production so that your video is organized, logical, and meaningful. Thinking what the steps are? Keep reading to discover the stages!

• Pre-production: All the planning regarding the video is done in this stage. You need to decide what message you will convey, type of video you want to make and lastly, determine your target audience. For example – you want to convey a message about domestic violence but made a funny video with comic characters. This video fails to convey the intended message and is not appropriate for the audience. Hence, the type of video you make and for what type of viewers is very important to take into account.

• Production: After deciding on your plot and storyline, you can move onto the actual production of your video. Production mainly focuses on the implementation of the script, but you should also choose an appropriate location, characters, and the types of camera used to make the video. If you want to make an animated video, you should consult cartoon artists and graphic designers. Drawing an appropriate character is of vital importance, and should be relevant to the storyline. If you want to create a video with real people, then do choose location and outfit carefully. It is often easier to convey the required message with real people acting; hence, keep an eye on details.

• Post-production: Once the video is ready, three-fourth of your work is complete. All you need to do is adjust the volume, music, animation, special effects or texts if necessary to make the video impactful. Moreover, make sure the throw of the voice is appropriate if you are planning to do voice over. Inappropriate delivery may make fail to convey the intended message to the audience. If you add music, make sure it doesn’t overpower the whole video. The music should be subtle and seem like a background tune. Furthermore, a tagline for the video or a message displayed at the end creates the most impact and ensures that the audience gets the message.

Following the above process will not only help you produce a video easily but will also make sure you have a great video which your viewers enjoy! So, try the steps and make your videos trending.

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