What Jobs Can I Do With A Nursing Degree?

Nurses are the biggest asset of the healthcare industry and getting a nursing degree would open up immense job opportunities before you. It is expected that by the year 2026 there would be at least a 15% rise in the working sector. This certainly provides the degree holding nurse an extra edge over others. But other than obvious jobs in hospitals and hospices there are a lot more jobs that you can get with your nursing degree. Here is a list of obvious and not so obvious jobs that you can apply for once you get your nursing degree from a good institute.

• Adult nurse –

Every individual would fall sick at some point and if the medical professional attending them does not understand their symptoms, it might not end well for them. The adult nurses usually work with a multidisciplinary medical team caring for their adult patients. They are the point of contact ranging from major injuries to minor ailments. They are also the point of contact for most patients suffering from mild or chronic illness and assist them, as well, in their path to recovery. A great job anyone can get easily with the help of a nursing degree which pays really well.

• Health play specialist –

This is an important post that ensures all-round development of kids through therapeutic playful endeavors. The play techniques assist new-born to adult children riddled with physical and psychological diseases to make an easy progression in their day to day life. The nursing degree holding health play specialists plan, review, implement and evaluate therapeutic play programs for children to get over any emotional trauma that they may hamper them.

• Children's nurse –

Also known as Pediatric Nurses, the individuals holding the post play a very important role to assess the nursing requirements of a child by taking into account their social, medical and cultural situation. They also take into account their family circumstance, as well. They also team up with the medical team to prepare children for major and minor operations, as well. A really fulfilling job paying one as well as give them much-needed satisfaction.

• Paramedic –

It is one of the toughest professions in the world as the first responders on the scene to provide the first healthcare professional on the scene. These professionals are trained to treat any life- threatening minor injuries or illnesses conditions. Though tough it is one of the most well-paying jobs in the country that see the job holder through a great retirement.

• Midwife –

Childbirth is an important part of human life and more often than not it falls under the jurisdiction of a midwife. It is one of the oldest professions in the word as life gets created forever and ever. The midwives play the all-important role to counsel and care for pregnant women and their babies getting them through their entire pregnancy, birthing labor as well as get them through their hard postnatal beginning. Anyone can pursue a career in it with the assistance of a nursing degree.

• Counselor –

Everyone needs the assistance of a counselor from time to time and the way to get a job in counseling lies through getting a nursing degree. Counselors often help a client reflect on the emotions related to a certain experience. A counselor makes a client come to a decision on their own, and also provides them with an alternative productive solution for any dilemma. But mind it a counselor is not a psychiatrist and they are not allowed to write medicines only give talk therapies.

• Medicinal chemist –

A medical chemist plays primarily synthetic organic chemistry, chemistry techniques as well as data analysis tools to create new antidotes to combat a medical condition. Many people do not realize that you can become a medicinal chemist with a nursing degree. Not only does a nursing syllabus make a nursing student familiar with the chemical components that are an important part of the job details of a chemist. The pay is also great for that of a chemist.

• Police officer –

Not a job that you ever expected to need the assistance of a nursing degree but they do. The police officers are basically the first responders to a job. It is relatively imperative that they have some medical knowledge to recognize, empathize, and prioritize the course of action they are to take. Not only that the police officers are sometimes the only hope for drug addicts, pregnant ladies, and others on the street with little and no assistance. This also gives most officers an edge over others to get promoted as well as give them more satisfaction.

• Social worker –

It is not so surprising but having a nursing degree would help someone of the profession in their endeavor to conduct interviews with individuals of any age as well as families. This degree is necessary to assess as well as review any situation as a nursing syllabus covers all the key features that are necessary to do the job, well. Being a social worker is a powerful one and an individual needs every asset at their disposal to make all-important decisions that can change anyone’s life. While the money is not that great but the satisfaction one would get by making the right decision is more than a match for it.

• Conclusion –

While there are many debates according to the highest and lowest paying salaries of people holding nursing degrees but everyone agrees that the average annual salary is more than enough to see you through in life. It is a lot more than what is offered to the ordinary job holders who live in fear of losing their job, on a constant basis. The benefits make the prospect of studying a nursing course is all the more enticing as it is a win-win from every situation. Not only does it makes an individual smart but also makes gives them an edge over their colleagues as they have a degree to back themselves up.

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