Guest Post List 2020

A guest post on your website is basically as an advertisement that is posted on another website. In this case, you are literally paying for another website to display your advertisement onto their website while boosting the visibility and reach of your own website. There are several advantages that you can consider when hiring captivate creative writers to write captivating posts for you blog.

Furthermore, captivate creative writers must have proper understanding of your business and captivate readership without attempting to deceive. Be informed about the bounce rate of captivating articles. You might ask why bounce rate should be an issue.

Understand bounce rate

The truth is that bounce rate should be as low as 2-4%. This means that if you have an average of 4 paragraphs on the post, then there is still a chance for 2-4% of readers to leave the post. However, if you have 5-8 paragraphs, then you can lower the bounce rate since 2-4% of readers could be exiting your post before they find all of your (& your website's) un-styled benefits.

So how do you keep from letting your website's visitor bounce?

There are umpteen methods on how to keep readers on your blog. Here are tips on how to keep readers on your blog and offer them fascinating and captivating posts:

Have your By-line well written and compelling enough that readers will want to click on it.

Have your content presented in a clear, concise, and simple way.

Make sure that you post fresh and unique content.

Meaningful Content

Give your readers a reason to visit your blog regularly.

You should integrate several forms of social media into your blog. One of the best is to integrate your blog into your social media page. Regular posts from your blog page and opportunities to show off your products and services can attract visitors to your page. listening to popular podcasts and news sounds good with regards to building credibility and attracting audience.

Write meaningful blog posts, so that your readers will see that you are an authority on the given topic.

Building Authority

Gain Authorship from reputable and high Ranking websites

You can try building Authorship by completing Customized Authorship submissions.

You can complete Customized Authorship submissions by completing "Select All" during author verification to show your author profile.

Select "Google Authorship" to link your Google Profile to your blog's URL.

You will be able to see how much Authorship is attributed to your site.

You can see the average number of visitors your blog has received over the last month.

Opening hours, feeds and categories can be added anytime, anywhere with the click of a button.

Content Sharing

Meta description will show up when your post is shared on any social media or when the individual sends your post to their friends.

Anything that is written with passion, purpose or relevance can be shared and exposed.

exposing negative posts about you or your business will show the carelessness of the individual and may lead to (_your_business_goes_trustworthy).

Avoid Duplicate Content

Make sure that you do not have duplicate content on your website. Any website that is done in WordPress is likely to have duplicate content. Avoid using copy and paste content. Instead, write the posts yourself. The key here is professionalism. You will not get income with a website that is full of useless content as well as sloppiness. Write the same thing again the next day and then edit ideally for you.

Keep Some unique content on each page

You should keep some unique content that is enough to be referred to as blog content on each blog entry as well as the website generally. A website with 80 pages will only give you 80 feeds of what is posts and will not give you any sort of traffic boost.

individually written

Each page should have a unique post written for it. If you are not the writer, you can either add post credit to the blog or post a self-written post on your own. The aim here is to attract people to the specific blog entry.

Keep your post brief

awaiting the user's next question, only provide enough information to interest and inform them.

Research your topics

ready to begin? The initial question must be answered clearly and concisely.

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