Most ideal eCommerce Development Solutions that you have ever thought of!

Every eCommerce marketplace has its own set of requirements and configurations that needs to be done. For such purpose, there is higher need for the platform that could be scaled according to the fluctuating needs. The platform should be flexible in charging the customer as per the usage of the server resources and the features embedded which is directly proportional to the influx of traffic arriving at the online stores. For a small or medium enterprise, it is of great importance that the eCommerce development solutions should be economical and high potential to gain profit once made functional. A platform like BigCommerce keeps on increasing its maintenance and upgradation, and subscription charge, that too monthly, based on the influx appearing on the marketplace, irrespective of the fact whether they make a purchase or not.

A platform like Shopify puts the limit on the number of products to be uploaded based on the subscription taken. In fact, Shopify doesn’t support the multivendor genre of the online marketplace at any level. Hence, the third-party development team has to be recruited or dealt to get this capability embedded in the marketplace. So, the question is which is the ideal marketplace development platform to create the best shopping cart software. In the case of the most irrelevant platform, that is, CS Cart, there is very little to offer in the freemium version and almost everything even the dynamics corresponding to shipment, tax rules, and discounts are not available in the basic version.

So what is the solution to such non-potent platforms like CS Cart?

The answer is, Sellacious. It is the most ideal eCommerce development platform with more than 5000 eCommerce solutions in the freemium version itself. Each module, whether it is Rating and review, shipment, tracking, and reports, coupon management, order status management, inventory control, and associated automation, tax rule creation and implementation, discount rules based on varied parameters, let say, cart value, membership of customer, and many others, loyalty program, and most importantly, multivendor marketplace capability are offered to full potential in the freemium version itself.

In fact, advance seller permission could be granted to the vendor registered under your marketplace banner leveraging which they could create and modify their own storefront, showcase their most selling and exclusive products, and create a variety of rules on the above-mentioned eCommerce modules. With Sellacious, there you get the complete provision to create product rules, mean upload as many products, create variants, sell different variants at multiple prices, give accessibility to the customer to compare variants by different manufacturers and much more. Category based variants can also be created, shipping rules not only based on the volume and dimension of the parcel but also based on the shipping and billing address, customer category, product/variant category could be created.

All you need to do is to download and unzip the quickstart package from the Sellacious site to your own or Sellacious provided hosting, modify the storefront as per your own needs, upload products, create categories and sub-categories, variants, install payment methods and yes, it is done. Within just 15 minutes you can start selling and earn the profit. It is easy to get recognized internationally as well. With the translation extensions, more than 45 payment methods including Stripe Connect with could be helpful in transactions across the globe and payouts to vendors without any hassle it is all very easy.

With Selllacious provided robust hosting you get complete backup, zero downtime, and bandwidth to cater to any volume of traffic. The platform is completely open-source and a store owner with technical resources or prior knowledge could tweak into could and create custom plugins. Moreover, the core team of Sellacious is all present to decode your problem and code to create your custom plugins. From maintenance to upgradation we would cater it all at an affordable cost as compared to any support and development team of any other platform. You as a store owner could leverage round-the-clock available customer support to get rid out of any hurdle or discuss and technical or business requirements. Use Sellacious, and we are sure it will become your first choice.

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