Karen J. White

Sleeping Mermaid : The best app! Meditation. Relax .Sleep.

Let's talk that some of this type of water is a method of calm and relaxation, we all understand that water is a natural sedative, not only nowadays, but also through time, when we think of a place to relax, think or go on vacation to a forest or failing and the most used the sea.

Without forgetting that we not only like the sea for its harmonious sounds but for the blue color that transmits tranquility, peace, creativity and sensitivity. Some specialists have determined that contemplating blue can help to deepen breathing, blood pressure and pulse helping it to descend. In this way the goal is to generate a relaxing action

Today we bring you an application that will help you not only to transport you to a place where you can feel calm, but where you just close your eyes and let your auditory sense and control automatically imagine that color so important to get that calm desired. S is the amazing application Sleeping Mermaid: Meditation Relax & Sleep.

This amazing application presents a total of unique sounds, like the waves of the sea, the aquatic sounds, the sound of the marine animals and even the seagulls when going by the bay, very clear and gratifying sounds. It even offers you the possibility to listen to the sounds that most relax you and put them together in a single sound.

Benefits of Sleeping Mermaid: meditation, relaxation and sleep

• Relaxation of stress: in our daily life is the bread of every day, and therefore this helps to reduce it in a good way.

• Mitigation of migraine: if we increase stress plus other actions or symptoms, we can get this discomfort, and what better than the other, to sound relaxing sounds.

• Tinnitus relaxation: Many of these sounds or annoying beeping in your ears, this application allows that that is no longer a problem.

• Relax your mind and body: The goal of this is that your whole body as a mind is totally calm.

• Relaxing insomnia, presenting sleep: Diminishes those insomnia problems.

• Relaxation of depression: if you are someone with depression problems and is also very good to apply it.

• Stay comfortable in a noisy environment: It is not necessary that you can only hear it in the comfort of your home, it presents the possibility of listening without problems in a room full of several sounds at once.

• Excellent for meditation.





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