Are Brain Boosters A Good Choice?

One of the most popular prescription drugs used in the last few decades, modafinil comes up with quite an interesting history. The drug was developed in France in the late 80s era as a trial treatment for narcolepsy. The drug was approved for regular prescription use by the FDA later in the year 1998. However, it was not until the mid-nights that this treatment actually caught on in the USA. What actually happened?

It has been promoted as a sleep-disorder treatment by the pharmaceutical maker Cephalon and was sold under the brand-name of Provigil. The sales of modafinil were merely 25 million USD in the year 1999. Later in the year 2007, the sales topped to 800 million USD, which made it the highest grossing drug compared to Adderall or Viagra. Even though the sales later on declined due to generic erosion, Provigil was still considered as the most preferred wakefulness boosting agent that was sold as a prescription drug. Ironically, the fact is that modafinil is basically used off-label which is behind its incredible success in America.

Early Period

A lot better than amphetamines and other related stimulants, modafinil use does not result in jitteriness, addiction, crashing and other adverse effects. The drug was prominently used by U.S. soldiers as they had to stay awake for days while they were fighting in Iraq. This resulted in higher sales of Provigil.

Limitless and Beyond

Limitless was a movie that was released in the year 2011. A character which was played by Bradley Cooper used to exponentially boost his brainpower by consuming an experimental smart drug known as NZT-48. As the art usually imitates life, there is quite convincing evidence that the fictional brain booster was based on the use of modafinil.

By the time this movie was in production, the use of modafinil was more of a poorly-kept secret of the powerful and the rich. Wildly trending on the Wall Street, it was stated to boost mental acuity, concentration, and productivity. Also called as a Smart drug, as it reputedly improved one or even more aspects related to cognitive function, it was the stuff of legend for all those who wanted to go ahead in life. It is really no wonder that this prescription drug can be easily found on the medicine cabinets of one-percenters worldwide.

Limiting The Limitless

Although some better generic versions resulted in dropping the price of modafinil in the last few years, it still happens to be a costly drug. People can easily order modafinil online. Although, if you want to buy modafinil, you must know that it is still 5 times as costly as Cialis and Viagra pills, you can still find affordable deals online.

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