How To Plant Grass Seed in a New Lawn

The most economical way to increase the form of your home and develop your lawn is planting grass seed. However, grass seed requires a lot of procedures that must be followed correctly for it to grow to the end product that you want. Therefore, to get what you desire and get the benefits that seed gives these are the steps or procedures on how to plant grass seed on your lawn:

Choice of time.

While planting your grass see you need to correctly choose an appropriate time of the year as it has an effect on the success. The correct timing will ensure that the grass seed germinates properly and very healthy when growing. Since the time of germination varies from one region to the other, you should ensure you are aware of the best time in your region or country. Also, the type of grass seed you wish to plant has its specific time of effective germination and growth. There are grass seeds in a lawn that like cold seasons and can grow properly then while others grow well in summer or autumn. At these different times, various grass seeds will have the temperatures they require for germination to take place.

Preparing the site.

The lawn where to grow the grass seed must be attractive and have very healthy soil. You should grade your lawn properly as this helps with efficient water drainage in the soil and also helps in an easy mowing. You should also ensure that you slope the new lawn from the nearby buildings. However, the slopes made should not be steep as the lawns can dry up very quickly. The new lawn should be very smooth and not have depressions that can cause wet spots which at times can be very difficult to mow and diseases can easily affect the lawn easily. After doing this, the grass seed for new lawn can be planted there.

When replacing an old lawn, then you should ensure that you remove entirely all old turfs. You can do this by using a sod cutter to remove even the remnant roots. You can also opt to spray the old lawn with herbicides that will do away with the leaves and old grass.

Preparing the soil.

Grass seed requires the soil to have optimum conditions so that the seeds can germinate successfully. Therefore, you need to prepare the soil before planting the seed properly. The following should be done:

The lawn soil should be tested: For a healthy lawn, the pH level must be maintained correctly. Many lawn grass seed do well in a pH level between 6 to 7.5. Correct samples should be taken and taken to a lab for testing. This will help you know the nutrient absent.

Solving soil pH: In case your pH is not in that range, amendments can be made to restore it using sulfur for low pH and use of lime to return the nutrients lost in the soil.

Nutrient addition: This can be done by using the right lawn fertilizer that is recommended after the soil test.

Amend to alter structure: The condition of your lawn is affected by the soil structure greatly and affect grass seed germination such as heavy and compacted soil. Healthy grass seed growth depends wholly on the soil structure like its aeration and penetration of the water and the presence of organic matter.

Choice of seed.

For proper growth, it’s very important to choose high-quality grass seed that can fight harsh conditions such as climate, resistant to drought and the grass seed that can conserve water. Choosing high-quality seeds based on your region and seasons can give your new lawn an evergreen look that you desire.

Planting the seed.

After doing all the testing of the soil, and keeping the surface of the soil smooth and graded the lawn well, then the last step is to do the planting. You must follow all the instructions that are in the seed package so as to avoid unexpected results.

So as to ensure correct grass seed planting, you can use a drop spreader so that the seed can be dropped in a path that is straight and with equal intervals. The machine ensures the precision is high and is done in a uniform manner.

After dropping the grass seed, then a rotary spreader should come behind fanning the seeds in all directions thus making a uniform coverage. After completely spreading the seeds, the other thing to do is to take a rake and lightly deep the seeds into the soil several inches. You should not bury the seeds deep into the soil too deep so that they can germinate quickly. Then finally pass that area with a roller that makes the seeds are in complete contact with the soil.


You should then ensure that the grass seed is regularly moist but should not be soggy. You can water the lawn thrice a day and stop when paddles appear at the top of the soil. As the grass grows maturely, then reduce water.


When the grass has grown several inches, then start Mowing in the right practice. Ensure you don’t remove all the grass blade to avoid stressing your grass because it can attract diseases in the lawn. At this stage, you can also start fertilizing your lawn for proper seed germination.

After following all the above steps correctly, then you are assured of getting the lawn grass that you need. You will be sure of transforming your yard after a short period of time.

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