Watching ITV Hub Abroad Outside of the UK


ITV Hub is the UK’s second most watched online TV service, second only to the BBC’s iPlayer service. If you want to watch ITV Hub outside of the UK, then you will need a VPN account running on your device. A VPN is something that many people are now familiar with, as it is a technology that not only allows you to access geo-restricted apps anywhere in the world, but also gives you internet security and anonymity, which both in themselves are now vital if you are regularly using the internet.

If you want to watch TV shows such as Emmerdale, X Factor, I’m a celebrity, Love Island or the Voice, when overseas, then gaining access to ITV Hub wherever you are is essential. Many British expats living abroad now use a VPN on their devices to watch British TV. If you have a good VPN installed, then it should unblock, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4, Demand 5 and TV Catch-up when in any country in the world.

Privatrax http://(https//www.privatrax.com) specialises in British TV abroad, as it has a dozen dedicated British servers which have their IP locations switched regularly, getting around the blocking that most VPN services have to deal with.

If you have a VPN running on your device, not only geo-blocked apps will be available again to you when overseas, but also all gaming and poker apps too. Internet freedom is a big deal in 2019, with more and more people using the internet on a daily basis. Nowadays everyone has a mobile device and almost everyone has ether a laptop or a tablet at home. A VPN will install easily on each of these devices and so is a technology that is rather easy to deal with.

British people now number at roughly 5.6 million who have decided to leave home permanently and become expatriates. The most popular destination is Australia and closely behind, Spain. Television down under is notorious for being bad, with an advert every couple of minutes and in Spain now they can no longer what British TV on Satellite due to BBC & ITV now moving off of the main Astra Satellite southern European footprint.

IPTV was a popular thing a few years back with expats, however this is now something that is clunky and rather expensive. Instead of paying £40-£60 per month for either IPTV or local Satellite providers when 0verseas, using a VPN only costs a few pounds per month and unblocks all that is needed.

TV Catchup and TV Player are two great applications and websites that allow you to stream British TV channels live. These applications however only ordinarily work when you are within the United Kingdom. If you have a reliable UK VPN account installed on your devices, then this should switch your IP address to that of one in the UK, making these UK TV streaming apps work fine for you.

Internet security and privacy as mentioned are two massive reasons to have a VPN running on your devices , particularly when using public WIFI. If you are on public WIFI and using apps such as PayPal and banking apps, then you are at a high risk from your data packets being intercepted by a hacker on the same public WIFI network. If you are in a large hotel, then there are literally hundreds of people (all behind closed doors) using the same public WIFI network as you, raising the risk levels of data theft.

When you switch on a VPN, your data is then sent via an encrypted tunnel, making it near on impossible for data to be hacked. The other added bonus is that anything that you look at on the internet when connected to a VPN will be 100% anonymous, so that not only will your internet provider not be able to see what you are looking at, but also neither will your local government authority, great if you are a torrent downloader.

So if you are wanting to watch a bit of British Telly overseas on the ITV’s Hub service, then a VPN certainly is the easiest way of doing so.

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