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Cold Laser Therapy and Cold Laser Therapy Safety

Who would have imagined that, without causing any negative side effects, a beam of light could ease discomfort and hasten healing in practically every area of the body? It has a science-fiction feel about it. Photobiomodulation (PBM), often known as cold laser therapy, is a cutting-edge treatment for a variety of ailments that has been supported by science.

Cold laser treatment, also known as photobiomodulation (PBM), may quickly relieve a variety of diseases, including sprains, tennis elbow, bruises, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain, and even fibromyalgia and arthritis. greater cellular development, less scar tissue, less inflammation, and improved blood flow.

Cold laser treatment merely stimulates the energy center of your cells at the site of damage, giving the cells energy to hasten recovery.

The average therapy session lasts just 10 to 20 minutes, doesn't hurt at all, has no side effects, and often brings relief after the first session. The underlying problems are successfully addressed after 3 to 6 sessions. In this place you have to check safe laser device for clear analysis.

Cold laser treatment safety – how safe?

When performed by a qualified professional, cold laser treatment is quite safe. At Artarmon Physiotherapy, all of the physiotherapists are competent and thoroughly trained to provide laser therapy.

The low light levels used in the procedure don't produce enough heat to affect the tissue in your body, thus the term "cold" laser treatment. When compared to other types of laser treatment, such those used to coagulate tissue and eliminate tumors, the amount of light is little. Lasers used in surgery and aesthetics heat the tissue being treated. The cold laser treatment does not, as its name implies.

The use of cold laser treatment has no known negative consequences. Everyone present should wear safety glasses to shield their eyes from the laser's red or infrared light since a laser might harm the eye (just like looking straight into a beam of light from the sun). You can take safe laser bérlés from here.

Before receiving therapy, it is advised to discuss a number of precautions and conditions with your doctor, including the following:


Unless the treatment is for palliative care or to lessen the negative effects of chemotherapy, it is not advised over the site of any malignant tissue.


Although there is no proof that cold laser therapy during pregnancy is dangerous, it is advised against being applied directly over the growing baby.


Epileptic individuals who are photosensitive may have a seizure when exposed to low frequency pulsed visible light (30Hz).

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