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What are the Benefits of Human Growth Hormone?

There are several glands present in the human body, but the gland with the most vital responsibility is the pituitary gland. Aside from promoting growth, it also controls other glands in the body.

The pituitary gland can be found just below the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus secretes chemical messages that result in the pituitary gland creating HGH.

Growth hormone is the one responsible for building muscles and bones, and influencing height. It is an essential hormone for average human growth and development.

Some children can suffer from Growth Hormone Deficiency due to genetic factors, while might be due to unknown factors. In adults, GHD can be caused by damage to the pituitary gland.

Here are the things that you should know about using HGH:

Why should a person use HGH?

HGH is a vital hormone responsible for growth, especially in children. Aside from that, it can also affect mood, muscle mass, and bone density. Moreover, it can also help to break down fats and processing protein to give the individual the necessary energy for the growth of tissues.

The level of growth hormones can alternate during the day and can be profoundly affected by physical activity. Working out or other similar activities can naturally increase your HGH level. Aside from physical activity, low blood sugar, stress, and sleep can also help in boosting your growth hormone.

Changes in the level of growth hormones can, little or significant changes can affect your body. Deficiency or an excessive amount of HGH can cause problems related to growth. Having an inadequate level of HGH can cause short stature and other conditions such as dwarfism.

Claims are saying that HGH can help to slow down aging, improve performance, and build muscle. However, these claims do not have sufficient support from any studies or research.

Can children suffer from GHD?

If a child suffers from GHD, he might or might not be born with a smaller stature than usual. The condition can be noticeable as the child grows. For example, the child is shorter than his peers or classmates.

Some newborns could not produce HGH and might continue to have a low level of HGH as they grow older.

Here are some symptoms of GHD in children:

• Short stature

• Delayed puberty

• Impaired hair growth

• Chubby body build

• Appears younger than other kids his age

Some children were genetically born with GHD, while some suffer from this condition due to unknown factors.

Can adults suffer from GHD?

Children are usually born with this condition, while adults acquire this condition due to damage in the pituitary gland. The state can be permanent, and the damage could have happened during childhood or adulthood.

Here are other causes of GHD in adults:

• Infections (e.g., meningitis)

• Head injury

• Radiation therapy

A pituitary tumor can mainly cause lower production of HGH. Aside from cancer, the pituitary gland can also be damaged by radiotherapy or surgery.

The most effective treatment for this condition is getting growth hormone therapy through injectable HGH. Good information can be found on trusted sources online if you are still in doubt about this GHD treatment.

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