Do You Want to Choose Gym Equipment for Your Home?

If you are interested to buy gym equipment for your home then you need to choose the equipment very carefully based on your available space and also your exercise needs. There are plenty of advantage of having your gym equipment at home.

If you are seriously looking for different kind of home gym equipment then you must consider the following type of equipment and based on your available budget and space, you may choose to buy them.

• Adjustable bench suitable for both sitting or reclining

• Metal weights stacked with selection for required load

• Pulldown bars for the pulldown and back exercise

• For arms, shoulders and back, press bars for both pushing and pulling,

• Leg extension system meant for thigh quadriceps muscles

• For exercising on the back hamstrings of the thigh you may need leg curl system

• Seated cable-row system for exercising back and arms

Types of setups at home

You can have many different options to set up your gym at home, but the selection for weight training will fall into the following categories. Few aerobic exercise equipment e.g. rowers, treadmills and stationary bikes can always be the option to start with. Let us concentrate on equipment for strength training.

1. Portable equipment combination

You can have bench, balls, dumbbells, mats, ab workers, steps, bands etc. They are not too complex equipment.

2. Free weight stations

Dumbbells, adjustable benches, barbells, power racks to hold barbells and plates They are typically movable equipment for any heavy-duty usage.

3. Multi-gyms based on cords and bands

The flexing band which can create resistance.

4. Total Gym concept.

Here this will use an adjustable height and inclined bench with sliding seat platform, which can use your own weight for increasing the resistance.

5. Multi-gyms based on weights stacked.

In this configuration a mechanism of cable and pulley is used with stacked weights. To choose the weight you need to move the peg.

6. Multi-gyms with free weight plates.

Here the round weights will be manually fitted for the barbell extensions.

7. Smith machine with multi combinations.

This is a standard Smith machine that uses a mechanism which pressures the bar in certain vertical plane, unlike any racks and free-weight benches.

How much space will be required?

This is quite an important issue. Quite often people after buying the equipment without taking measurement, find that it does not properly fit in the available space in the room. Therefore, before you order for the equipment then at least get an idea about its external dimension and make sure that it can be easily carried inside the room without damaging your wall. You must also consider about the extra accessories and extension that will be fitted with the equipment for its actual use. This will take care of the space issue. You can also visit http://www.fitnessproductsreviews.com to read reviews on different companies before making any decision.

How many users?

If you have young children as a user then in certain cases you need to consider having multi station equipment so that they may not fight for the equipment. This may stretch your budget too.

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