Gravity Bongs and Other Underrated Toking Techniques to Try

Gravity bongs are basically a DIY project, where recycled materials are used to make it. It is an innovative and affordable way to enjoy smoking marijuana buds. Many household items can be used to make gravity bongs. It is handy when you run out of vape’s battery life or paper.

Are gravity bongs beneficial?

Gravity bong offers the following benefits -

Use fewer weeds - The same effect got from other methods like glass pipes and the joint is received from gravity bongs using fewer weeds. This is because condensed smoke is pushed inside the lungs for strong and colossal hits.

Saves time - It kicks in faster than vaporizer, traditional bong, or joint because as every hit is big a few overall hits are needed, and thus you save time. Be careful while inhaling, the thick smoke can be very harsh because the smoke is not filtered or cooled by water involved.

Cheap - Gravity bongs are cheap to craft because it can be made from household recycled material like plastic bottles. Besides, smoke hardly escapes and so is a good alternative for budget-conscious weed users.

How do gravity bongs work?

The technique of getting more effective experiences lies in how the smoke enters your lungs. In traditional bongs, smoke is inhaled using your breathing capacity but with gravity bongs, the smoke gets forces inside the lungs, when the top component gets pressed into the water.

Internal pressure inside the bong rises and expels the smoke inside, which can be drawn fully without letting it escape in the air.

Underrated toking ways

If you wish to smoke weed outside the box rather than the monotonous traditional way then check these underrated toking ways.

Apple pipe

You have cannabis but no device to smoke. Check your refrigerator bottom for an apple. It is simple to make an apple pipe.

• Twist the apple stem

• Make a hole with a poking device and go halfway. Carve a bowl

• Make another hole and connect a mouthpiece (an empty ball pen)

• Load the cannabis and light it …….enjoy the smoke!

When you are finished eating the healthy fruit!

Soda can pipe

Use a thoroughly clean and dry soda can to craft a pipe. In the middle, make a thumb dent where you will place the weed. Poke several tiny holes in the new bowl. Pick a spot to make a solid puncture. It will be your carb. Pack the bowl with a tiny number of weeds. Soda can pipe are single-hitters. For every hit, you will use fresh weed.

Place your thumb on the carb hole and light the bowl. Inhale through the can’s mouthpiece. When you have stacked desired smoke in the can remove your thumb and release the hit.


In social setting, rolling a joint is impractical. The hookah is a great way for everyone at the party to enjoy. Hookah takes plenty of cannabis to get hammered properly but it is an ultimate toking technique on special occasions. It reveals a class and allows guests to socialize as well as get high.

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