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The Battle Between Vapes & Cigarettes

If you haven’t been living under the rock, you would know that vaping has become the new cool trend among everyone. This has to be the weirdest trend out there, and even more, it has become extensively famous among the teenagers, as they have been seen smoking flavoured vapours out of their mouth. The first vape was introduced back in 1963 by Herbert A. Gilbert.

The man is responsible for introducing non-tobacco and smokeless cigarettes. Ever since that day, the popularity has been on the rise and people of all ages are using them. Some people are using these vapes for getting rid of smoking and make a clean experience. Even more, some people are playing it as a show-off because it has become a fashion statement.

While we are at the subjects, let’s talk about how you can choose between the cigarette and the vape. Well, to be honest, there is no hard answer to that. There are pros and cons to each of it, and even more, the scientists have been working on the proofs here. According to the vape users, they have been saying that these vapes are helpful in stopping them to stop.

There is an alternative to vaping available in the market for the people who want to quit smoking, yes, we are talking about the nicotine substitution items. According to the research, out of 900 participants who intended to give up smoking; 90% of them started using e-cigarettes as compared to the nicotine substitution items.

Quit Smoking With Vapes

If you’ve even a little knowledge about health and fitness, we don’t need to tell you the downsides of smoking. Every year, hundreds and thousands of people are dying from tobacco-related diseases and other conditions imposed by smoking. For instance, teeth rotting, skin endurance, asthma, bronchitis, stroke, malignant growth in lungs, diabetes, and eye issues.

Well, these downsides of smoking are enough to help you understand that quitting smoking is the best decision you can take for your health. So, it is completely understandable that you’ll have a hard time while quitting, but that’s the prime reason for vapes. All in all, it is pretty beneficial to quitters.

Vapes & Their Packaging

When it comes to vape, there are basically two things that have been the prime reasons for people to choose vaping. First of all, vaping is all about flavour and you can literally get any flavour according to your taste preferences. There are multiple e-juice samples available and these flavours are added to the vape. These flavours will help you have an appealing experience while vaping.

For instance, you can get juicy flavours, fruits, milk, menthol, cakes, and more. Whatever your taste is, the vaping market has perfect flavours. Also, the second reason for choosing the vapes is their amazing outlook. Most of the vapes are made of glass and plastic. However, there are pods designed with metals.

For the people who like a little luxury, vapes are available in leather as well. All in all, it’s needless to say that custom vape cartridge packaging will help you catch some eyes in the public while you are puffing out the flavours!

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