Kelly Wilson

Reasons Why You Should Buy an Extended Warranty on a Used Car

Buying an extended warranty on a used car is one of the smartest things you can do as a consumer. This is because you have the power to determine just how long the warranty is going to last. This is not an option that is available to many people, especially those that are in their second or third year of driving a vehicle.

When a person has purchased a car they want to drive for many years, the manufacturer typically offers them a short term warranty to entice them to purchase the car. But most people do not think about buying an extended warranty until it becomes almost necessary. They probably are asking questions like, “What does a car warranty cover?” An auto warranty will help replace or repair necessary parts that break down or need repaired. This allows car owners to save money on what are very expensive car repairs and enables the cars to get fixed which in turn allow them to last longer.

The reason that many people do not consider this is because they assume that an extended warranty on a used car will cost them way too much money that they cannot afford. But that is not true. If you purchase an extended warranty on a used car today, you can easily save money on that new car while also having the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have covered everything that could possibly go wrong with your car.

Think about it for a minute... wouldn't it be nice to drive into work on Monday morning, turn on the car and not have to worry about any problems for the next two weeks? Of course you would. With an extended warranty on your car, this is exactly what you can drive to work. You will be covered when anything happens to your car, no matter what it is!

So if you buy an extended warranty on a car today, your car is covered through the test of time. The manufacturer has ensured their own financial security that your car will be covered through anything that may go wrong. Think about this for a moment... imagine if something happened to your car today, and you did not have an extended warranty! You would be at the mercy of what

the car manufacturers' payment plan or repair plan can afford. Would you still be able to fix your car?

When you add up all of these benefits, the savings that you will see are nothing short of incredible. Remember, extended warranties do not have to be bought separately from the car. They can be integrated into your car's warranty plan so that you will get everything that you need at one time.

So where can you buy these warranties? Believe it or not - you can buy them directly from the manufacturer. Each manufacturer has their own official website which contains all the information and tools that you need to purchase a warranty. This is a much preferred method over buying them from an individual dealer or through an automobile club.

What if I already own a warranty for my car? Should I add an extended warranty to my original warranty? The answer is yes and no. If you are buying an extended warranty on a used car that was obtained through a dealership, you are probably going to be purchasing an extended warranty from the dealership. If this is the case, then you may want to reconsider and consider buying it directly from the manufacturer.

Although most extended warranties will cost you more than buying them directly from the manufacturer, the extra expense is worth it. Why? Extended warranties pay for themselves many times over. In fact, many car dealerships will offer you an extended warranty along with

your original warranty when you purchase a car. As long as you are careful and do your homework, there are many reasons why you should buy an extended warranty for your vehicle today.

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