Lorraine Hart

Do You Know What The Use of Cannabis Is Doing To Your Mental Health?

Although there is a bit of a doubt that it is risky to use cannabis and then drive a vehicle or go to work, a debate has raged for several years over the health impact of cannabis, mental health in particular. So what does science suggest?

Before you get to learn about what research indicates, it is crucial to realize that cannabis is a very commonly used drug these days. In several countries, it is commonly used as an illicit drug. In some areas, the cultivation of cannabis is permitted and it is considered as part of the culture in those regions. It seems to have become a very common place for all the politicians out there to admit to trying it out at least once, to show to the world that they are more human!

However, trying and using cannabis regularly are two different aspects, and those using it frequently are putting themselves at high risk. This is because there is a very little misconception that the use of the cannabis can have adverse effects on the mental health and could cause a wide range of issues.

Credible research indicates that the use of cannabis relates to issues such as:

Delusions, hallucinations, and Psychosis – add confused thinking, disturbances in behavior and emotions, and muffled speech are some of the most prominent issues.

Schizophrenia is basically a psychotic illness. There is evidence that use of cannabis can lead to schizophrenia in all those who are already at risk of these diseases. Most people who are at high risk of schizophrenia illness are not fully aware of it, and consuming cannabis joint every now and then adds to high risk than what they could consider.

It is also commonly considered that the regular use of cannabis can lead to depression, though there has been no clear evidence of it. What the research indicates is that people using cannabis are more likely to stay depresses than those who do not, but there have been no authentications as yet. It could perhaps be a myth that cannabis helps people happier; however, the revere could be how it actually is.

People using cannabis also experience various other issues such as panic attacks, anxiety, tiredness, lack of motivation and difficulty focusing on their tasks.

As it is with the use of any other drug – including tobacco and alcohol – there is a high risk associated with the use of cannabis. You may be able to make use of cannabis regularly throughout your life without any such issues, but you really might not get this fortunate!

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