Lorraine Hart

What Is A Litter Box?

Having a lot of cats at home could pleasure to some people. They are playful and asleep most of the time. Just like babies who gets tired after being hyper. There are a lot of things to consider in taking care a cat, you need to think about there place that will stay in, the food that they will eat and of course their poof that really stinks. In fact, the smell of the cat’s poof is not good for a person’s health. It could trigger asthma attacks, allergic diseases and other respiratory problems. But this does not mean that houses should be cat-free, all you need to do is to properly manage their waster. Thanks to the help of a cat litter. If you do not know what a cat litter is, then you should read on.

Cat litter?

Perhaps this is the first time that you would have a cat in your household. Anyway, a cat litter is just a simple box that contains sand or soil which makes them feel comfortable to pee or poof. This gives them a feeling of the natural bathroom environment that cats must have. In the wild, cats really poof and poof on soft soil or sand and they know how to dig it and create an ample space. So, having a box with a sand or soft soil teaches your cat to be responsible by burying their own waste. Plus, this would make it easy for you to manage it and make it as a fertilizer for your garden. You must determine the proper size of the box. Make it about 1 inch bigger than the whole size of the cat. This would ensure that they are comfortable enough to move and to dig. You could also use a cat litter box liners to clean the box much easier.

Are this sanitary?

A lot of people that litter boxes are not sanitary because it is very open and there is a sand and a soil on it. But let me tell you that, when you are changing the sand or soil regularly for at least once a week, everything should go fine. Besides, litter box are proven to remove stink from cat’s poof and pee. Do not forget to clean the box when you will replace the sand or the soil. In order to learn more about this item, you could check petsho cat litter box posts.

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