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Underrated Things To Do on Golden Triangle

The golden triangle is the most popular tourist route in all of india, and tourists do not just come here for its short distance but also because of its historical significance. Everyone knows about this triangle's famous life and culture, which connects delhi, jaipur, and agra.

Each of these locations has its history, culture, and cuisine, which set them apart from all other countries. We will deliberate some of the things you can do while out on a 5 days golden triangle tour, which no one will suggest to you about.

Experience the sufi lifethe sufi lifestyle is unique, and you can experience it at the nizamuddin dargah in delhi. Dargah's contrast is so different from other delhi parts that you will forget the chaotic life even exists. Nizamuddin dargah also holds the tomb of sufi saint nizamuddin auliya.

You can enjoy the incredible divine qawwali tunes of the dargah, which the devotees sing together. You can try out ghalib kebab corner's cuisine on your 5 days golden triangle tour, which sells the best kebab in the market around.

1. Visit the lotus temple

Delhi also houses the charming lotus temple, which is unique because of some very significant reasons. The temple does not limit its visitors to any particular religion and is open to everyone who wants to visit and meditate.

The architectural wonder has a very soothing aura and petals that adjust according to the day's time. You can also find a lawn that goes through a manicure to take walks and enjoy a lovely sunrise or sunset on your golden triangle tour 5 days.

2. Go shopping in delhi

Delhi is a place to tour and a shopper's paradise if you let it be that. You can find some beautiful handicrafts, clothes, handlooms, and various artistic markets booming here. If you are searching for books, the paharganj market might be good for you. Kamla nagar market and sarojini market are best for cloth shoppers.

If you are in, for handcraft items, foods, and other handlooms, you can visit the delhi haat. But do not forget to try food wherever you go on your 5 days golden triangle tour because many stalls sell various cuisines.

3. Go for ballooning in jaipur

Hot air balloons are fantastic equipment that doesn't just carry you from one place to another and allow you to witness sceneries that you never saw in your life.

The experience of exploring the incredible forts and palaces of jaipur from such a height is something to behold and no combination of words can define it. If you are on a golden triangle tour 4 nights 5 days with your significant other, this balloon ride is the best for a little alone and romantic time.

4. Go on a jeep safari in rajasthan

Jaipur is a part of rajasthan, a desert state, and you can find a lot of open sand here to rev engines upon. A jeep safari will take you on a thrilling ride through the rural terrains of jaipur.

You, will, see many rustic villages with a lot of colors that will mesmerize you in the middle of all that sand. You can also camp on the route while on a 5 days golden triangle tour for a truly out-of-the-box experience.

5. Take in the art of block printing

The golden art tour will also allow you to explore the world of block printing and art. You can enjoy the hands-on experience of block printing in the sakshi block printing factory while on a golden triangle tour 5 days.

You can watch how block printing works at the hands of talented artists of this factory. You can take a full-day course as well to learn how the printing method works. This factory also displays blue ceramic pottery, which takes significant time and effort to perfect.

6. Step inside the chand baori

Near jaipur, you will find a small village with the name of abhaneri. You, will, find the chand baori here, which is an architectural marvel on its own. The structure houses a-mase of over thirteen floors.

You can find over three thousand steps that are all symmetric, and this beauty comes from the ninth century. You can also find the harshat mata temple, which you should not miss on your 5 days golden triangle tour because of the intricate patterns and engravings on the walls.


The golden triangle is a popular route among tourists because of many different reasons. Still, aside from the intricate and amazing monuments, some underrated locations here host a combination of fantastic architecture and mysterious beauty.

Exploring all the markets, food stalls, and hidden location sure does take time but is very well worth it. If you are on a golden triangle tour 5 days, you can organize the trip according to your wishes to experience everything before leaving.

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