Koby Rentoul

Preventing Knee Injuries in Basketball

Basketball doesn't come without risks. While people don't get injured in this sport as often as they do in soccer and football, certain injuries are seen again and again. Often, these injuries affect the knees thanks to the repetitive jumping motions players make. Furthermore, the hard court surface and rapid movements made by players contribute to the problem.

Anyone involved in the sport needs to be aware of these risks and how to minimize them. Often, players find knee braces and supports can be of great help in preventing common injuries seen in basketball. Following are some common injuries that a person may suffer when playing this sport.

Sprains and Strains

Players may sprain the ligaments in their knees while playing basketball. These ligaments connect the knee bones and could be stretched or damaged during practice or a game. This might be the result of direct trauma to the knee or it could simply be a matter of overusing the ligament and hurting it in the process. This is actually the third most common reason for players missing one or more games, as they must wait for the damaged ligaments to heal.

Strains are very similar to sprains. However, they affect the tendons of the knee as opposed to the ligaments. The tendons connect the muscles and bones of the knee.


Tears are one of two types-ACL and PCL. ACL or anterior cruciate ligament tears tend to be very traumatic. This ligament connects and stabilizes the bones of the knee and can be sprained or torn. Often, this happens when a play lands improperly after jumping, when he or she suddenly stops, or when a player rapidly changes direction while playing.

The posterior cruciate ligament or PCL, in contrast, is often hurt when a player receives a direct blow to the front of his or her knee. This ligament may also suffer damage when the knee is twisted or hyperextended. Although less common than ACL tears, this issue is something every player needs to be aware of.

Care must be taken when playing any sport. When it comes to basketball especially, females need to take extra care. Hormones in the female body make them more susceptible to injuries of the knee. Fortunately, with the help of Mueller braces and supports, every player regardless of sex can work to protect these crucial joints of the body and ensure they spend more time on the court and less time recovering on the sidelines.

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