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Three Common Causes of Minor Knee Injuries and How Best to Respond

The human knee is a strong, resilient joint that can nonetheless end up being damaged. There are quite a few common ways to injure the knee, with some being more or less avoidable.

When a person's knee becomes damaged and needs some time to heal, supporting it appropriately will often help. Many people find that knee braces and supports help them recover more quickly and smoothly from injuries.

Many Possible Root Causes of Knee Problems

A healthy knee should be capable of bearing tremendous instantaneous loads as well as significant sustained ones. For various reasons, though, some people's knees end up being injured, oftentimes seriously. Some of the factors that can make a knee injury more likely include:

Obesity. The more a person weighs, the more stress will be put on the knee with each step and other bodily movements. Even being mildly overweight will make a knee injury more probable in just about every case. People who tip the scales thirty percent or more beyond what physicians recommend increase their chances of sustaining a knee injury drastically. Even losing a few pounds can help protect the knees while delivering plenty of other benefits.

Inactivity. Many people today spend the bulk of their time sitting, whether at work or in other settings. All that inactivity adds up and can weaken the knees to the point that injuries become almost inevitable. Simply walking for thirty minutes or so each day will help keep the knees flexible and resilient instead of weak and vulnerable. While some level of inactivity might be unavoidable, most people can find ways to get up and moving every day.

Poor form. Even highly trained athletes often develop knee problems despite doing most things right. Runners who do not develop sound, health-promoting strides, for instance, can put repetitive stress on the knees that eventually results in serious damage. Should any sign of knee issues become apparent, looking into whether improper mechanics might be contributing will often be worthwhile.

Helping Knees Recover More Gracefully

Various Mueller braces and supports and similar products can help a knee recover when it has suffered damage because of issues like these and others. While it will always be best to do everything possible to avoid knee injuries, responding effectively when one has been sustained will inevitably help. Fortunately, most knee injuries end up being relatively minor and can be recovered from completely by those who make the effort.

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