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Search Engine Optimization: Understanding the Basics

Everyday, online marketers look for smart techniques and strategies to market and improve their online business visibility. You too can follow their strategy when you get to understand the basic principles of search engine optimization (SEO)

Making your website more visible to prospects and clients is the most important thing you need as a website owner. By doing so, you give yourself a better chance to succeed. Not only will online visibility enhance your brand popularity, but also showcase your products and services to prospects.

With lots of competitors out there, your marketing strategy should be a top notch. For this reason, I will show you three of the online marketing strategies that I have used till date.

Whatever the topic of your site, the products you sell, or services you provide, implementing a good strategy will boost your website page ranking; and at the same time, increase your site visibility.

This strategy has helped me to attract more clients to my freelancing website.

There are various SEO videos on Youtube that will also guide you through. As for me, implementation of good SEO is needed for your website to rank high on search engine result pages (SERPs); for this reason, I will take you through my find point that will help you achieve a better online visibility for your site.

• Search Engine Optimization:

The use of SEO has been made popular this days because many site owners are now realizing the positive effect it will make on their website. As you may well be aware, google have over 200 ranking factors that needs to be implemented on your site before you can rank well in search engine.

There are three main aspect of within the google ranking factors that you need implement in your SEO strategy. The combination of these strategy make up those 200 ranking factors; And they will impact these positive effects on your site.

Here are the three SEOs that you should focus on:

i. On-Page SEO;

ii. Off-Page SEO; and

iii. Technical SEO.

Let me take then one after the other.

On-Page SEO mainly deals with your website content. The structure and the way in which they are arranged. In another word, it deals with the way in which your content layout is seen by the crawlers of the search engines.

Within the on-page SEO, the title, Meta description and other factors are important. These allow the search engine crawlers to know the content of your page; therefore it will use those contents to show your site when individuals search for queries relating to them.

As google perfect its algorithm, so you too need to perfect your content structure in order to rank well in search engine result pages.

Another key point when perfecting your on-page SEO is not to stuff your content with your keyword. Your keywords are to be use strategically on the content.

Off-Page SEO is that type that deals with the amount of backlinks pointing to your website; or any of your website pages. It works like a voting system. To emphasize on this, google will see your content as a valuable one when another website refer to it. For every backlink to your site, you get vote or point that will increase your ranking.

Remember, not all backlinks carry similar effect when they point to your site. Some backlinks will pass high level backlink juice to your page, while others will make no effect. The reason for this is that google believe that by your site getting a backlink from an authoritative site, your website will be a valuable for that specific search phrases.

In addition, the anchor text used in linking to your site matters. If a specific anchor text is used to link to your site, your site will be considered to be ranked for that keyword phrase use.

To me, this is the most important of SEO that you give more attention to. It carries a lot of weight that will help you with your ranking and website visibility.

Technical SEO is more all less telling you that you should keep your site in shape. That is to say, maintain your site and its content properly.

With technical SEO, you should be more concerned about any form of errors that may occur when a visitor visit your site. In other words, avoid having error pages; also, redirect any page that is not working properly.

Doing this properly will give your site a better chance to rank well.

As can be seen, implementing good SEO strategy - the combination of the three will give your website a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Extra tips to help your online visibility are below:

• Social Media Marketing:

Known for its effect to reach wider audience of social media platform its being use one, it can be a perfect solution for you.

With social media platforms, you can build your audience through active participation in groups and using your on social media page. This is the beginning of brand recognition. As your brand popularity grows, so thus your site popularity grow.

In addition, brand recognition on social media is very important. Some online marketers said that social signal do have some positive effect on your search engine ranking. Some even went further that they believe that some of these search engines uses social signal to rank website.

Whatever may be the argument, it is known that social media platforms can help increase your online visibility.

• Email Marketing:

Email marketing can be effective if implemented properly. To effectively use email marketing, I will advise you not to spam anybody's inbox.

Using email marketing to get across to your audience can be more effective when you have more email addresses to reach out to. Also the content of your email matter; if the content is inviting, you will see lots of clicks to your website.

There are various email marketing software to use. Few are free packages while majority of them are packed packages. Look for the one that best suit your need.

As can be seen, I use the above marketing strategy to promote my contents; by so doing, I am able to increase my website visibility.

Just remember that these three tips are just few of the ways you can use to market and increase your business online visibility. There are other marketing strategies out there. Just look for few that are best for you.

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