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How to Artfully Display Sculpture Inside the House

When we mention sculptures, people instantly think about great names like Michelangelo or Auguste Rodin.

But when it comes to home decor, commissioning sculptures from excellent companies like Old Coast Studio, are a great way to showcase your style and display forms that are perfectly fit for your personalities.

After all, sculpture isn't limited to classical styles at all. You have so many options. These include whimsical, modern, realist, and minimalist works that talented artists can create. You could feature these in your home as accents and focal points.

How to Display Your Sculpture Around the House

The addition of sculpture does wonders for elevating your home's sense of style. And after you've commissioned or found the perfect piece, the next step is to find the perfect location. That's why today, we'll share a couple of ideas that will let you artfully display sculptures around the house.

#1 Use up shelf spaces

Recessed areas, shelves, ledges, and mantel pieces provide the ideal location to display smaller sculptures or other forms of artwork. This is a wonderful option for those of us who have less square footage. These surfaces hold the added bonus of not taking up any precious floor space.

Smaller works can be enhanced by their surroundings, and when you have a carefully curated shelf, you can bring a sculpture of this nature to life.

For instance, you can utilize pre-existing spaces inside a built-in bookcase to display your special sculptures.

Of course, the mantel-piece brings height and prominence to your sculpture display.

And when you're doing so, look for pieces with a similar feel of cohesion. Or pick out contrasting materials and subjects to achieve a more eclectic look.

#2 Display them on a pedestal

Raise your sculpture closer to your eye level to create the ultimate viewing experience. You can do that by adding a pedestal. Putting sculptures atop pedestals is a traditional and classic method of display.

Pedestals are meant to draw attention to the art piece. That way, you can give it the presentation it deserves. It also adds vital height to the sculpture, and the pedestal gives it the ability to maintain that essential breathing room around the sculpture.

You can create harmony by choosing a pedestal that complements your sculpture. Or better yet, you can add interest by juxtaposing two components.

Just make sure that your pedestal won't overwhelm the artwork itself. Experiment on various heights and materials to find the perfect one for your space and your artwork.

#3 Give the sculpture a 360-degree view

Central locations make the perfect spots for standalone pieces -- in only certain sizes, of course. This will ensure that your chosen sculpture can be enjoyed visually from all angles, without restriction.

Not just that, but it reflects museum-quality displays. It also provides plenty of space around the sculpture.

Living rooms and foyers in medium-sized houses can serve as a brilliant base for sculpture. It can also do so without obstructing the flow of a room, offering great views of the sculpture from any angle.

#4 Put together a feature wall

But if you want clean and minimalist looks, opt for sculptures that are designed for hanging on walls. This keeps your space free of clutter. It's a wonderful way to add some texture to your interior designs. A smooth wall can be perfectly complemented with a hanging sculpture.

#5 Make it larger than life

If you have the available space, go for a large free-standing sculpture. It makes a striking statement when placed in notable rooms.

Don't worry about choosing a sculpture that's too oversized. Lots of people often make the mistake of choosing sculptures which then appear too small for a space.

Spacious entryways make the perfect location to create dramatic focal points. From there, you can guarantee wanted impact on any visitors.

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