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Shattering the Myths Surrounding House and Land Packages

More education is needed around the risks and benefits of investing in property. This is what the overwhelming 88% of the PIPA Annual Investor Sentiment Survey 2019 respondents think. The majority or 93% of them believe that any provider of property investment advice should be regulated. This is because almost all or 82% of the respondents believe that a good time to invest in residential property is now.

Stories Behind the Census

Bad information and advice are hurled to the potential home buyers. This comes from friends, family members, colleagues, and even the internet. Due to the daunting uncertainty this brings, the capable buyers fear at the idea of home buying. This holds them back from making any attempt. The myths surrounding house and land packages mislead them.

The solvable problems that result in popular misconceptions blind them. Though they believe that the present is the time to invest in a home, they step back. They, as investors want to see greater professional standards on the home builders before they move forward.

Solvable Problems that Turned into Misleading Myths

#1 Problem: Price

Hidden costs can make you pull out more cash than you expect. Acquiring the land and constructing the home can make you throw away your money. You can sign a contract that indicates a definite price but changes through the process.

#1 Myth: Buying a home that needs renovation is far cheaper than buying a new property

You buy an ugly old home for a cheap price and renovate it into your striking dream home. You believe you can save more cash by doing this. So you set aside the idea of buying a costly new property. But later you discover that renovation process is more difficult and expensive. Doing the upgrades takes away more of your time and money investment. You wish you have made sure that you like the house as it is. But you do not. You fall victim to the number one myth!

#2 Problem: Size and Quality

You can only choose from small house and land packages. You cannot afford the bigger blocks. You can even ask for discounted rates but it affects the quality of your home. It also causes delays in building your house.

#2 Myth: Homebuilders offer poor service, provide small spaces, and use substandard materials

They do not consider your comfort and satisfaction. They do not care if you have to sacrifice your lifestyle. They do not mind your safety and happiness. So you still need a home inspection. You need to spot the items that can cause issues in the future. And later you fail to realise that it goes wrong due to your own choices. You start to believe that there is no such thing as the right and the best home builder. You act on your impulse and the number two myth targets you!

#3 Problem: Location

You learn that house and land packages are situated outside the city. You discover that there are limited infrastructure and long commutes. You find yourself far from important establishments such as schools and hospitals.

#3 Myth: Renting is more beneficial than home buying that puts you in a less advanced environment

You find out that you can afford its low price so you decide to rent. You conclude that renting is much more beneficial for you than home buying. You live inside the city where there are many infrastructures which within walking distance. You forget that your situation is only temporary. You secure the future of your landlord and not yours. You let another person benefit from you as you disregard your own stability. You deny yourself of financial freedom. The number three myth puts you behind invisible bars!

#4 Problem: Market Value

You know that house and land packages are in the outskirts. You recognise that the areas have weak economic drivers. You need to compete with many other house and land packages built nearby. You become aware that excess supply can affect the value of your property.

#4 Myth: In the future, home buyers do not have other choice but to sell their homes for a very low price in an overpopulated place

You are conscious that most people want to rent to stay in the city. You convince yourself that living in the outskirts is much tougher. So you decide to sell your property for a low price. You know that only a few people have an interest in home buying. You choose this option without thinking that your action can result in regrets. You trade your financial success for temporary satisfaction. You exchange stability for uncertainty. You fall in the pit of the number four myth!

The Bottom Line

The myths make a fool of you. You become narrow-minded. You become shortsighted. You better stop spreading them. Buying a home that needs renovation is NOT far cheaper than buying a new property. NOT all homebuilders offer poor service, provide small spaces, and use substandard materials.

Renting is NOT more beneficial than home buying. In the future, homebuyers do NOT have to sell their homes. Open your mind and eyes instead. You will know that buying a new property is a great choice. You will realise that good homebuilders exist. You will discover that purchasing a house and land package is a milestone. You will find out that you own the future as you own a home. Your huge first step to financial freedom begins with house and land packages Perth! Build with the best home builders Perth!

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