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7 Ways To Look After Your Natural Hair While Wearing Wigs

Here is the analogy: You buy yourself natural hair wigs in order to protect your natural hair from the extensive damaged caused by styling it on a regular basis. However, once a person gets accustomed to using a hair wig they tend to neglect their natural hair. And, we come back to where we started.

One can always opt for protective styling. If you are an alopecia patient or going through hair treatment then hair wigs are what you use for your natural hair to grow out. However, you need to take care of both i.e. your natural hair and also your long human hair wigs.

So here are the tricks and tips to take care of your natural hair while wearing hair wigs:

1) Let Your Hair Breathe.

Even if you have purchased the hair wig for long term use and are in the habit of wearing it throughout the day, let your hair breathe at night. It is beneficial in more than one way.

If your natural hair doesn’t get the required amount of air supply then there are chances that it will start to stink and even develop fungus. Let’s totally avoid that. Smelly hair causes your wig to stink too.

2) Protecting The Nape And Edges.

You might be using adhesives to fix your hair wig. It causes the most damage to the edges and napes because that is where you apply your fixers. What you can do is to apply Castrol oil or petroleum jelly along the edges and also keep it away from the hairline edge.

3) Keep Up With Your Regular Hair Routine.

Even if you wear a wig you must keep up with the weekly oiling, washing your hair thrice a week and the monthly hair spa regime. Keep in mind that wig is just a hair accessory. Also, create one wash regime for your hair wig too with the right wigs accessories.

4) Keep Trimming.

Unruly natural hair might at times give you trouble during wearing your wigs. Especially if you wear short wigs then it is essential that your haircut is crispy and clean.

5) Never Ever Wear A Wig Over Damp Natural Hair.

This is the worst mistake that you can ever make which will definitely cost you dearly. Not only does the base hair stink and gets withered but also the wig cap becomes smelly.

6) Braid Your Hair While Wearing A Wig.

Secure your natural hair in a way that the style supports your wig fixation and keep things easy over the top of your head.

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7) Take Extra Care Of Your Hairline.

This is the visible part of your natural hair and no amount of wig magic can fix it. If you are suffering from receding scalp hair then make sure your wig doesn’t put stress on that area.

The wig is just a hair accessory. Your natural hair is the real deal. Make sure that you invest well in its care.

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