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Go Glueless With Your Lace Front Wigs Now!

From those elegant bangs to bountiful waves, lace front wigs can help you get that spot on look in no time. But to install, hold, and secure them properly onto your head, one has to use the right adhesives. Not to mention, there’s a big role of wig glue in wearing wigs. However, many wig-users refrain from using it due to the harmful chemicals which it contains. So what’s the solution? Is there any alternative to fix wigs without it? Well, yes. There are many techniques by which you can wear your wig glue-free.

Here’s a take on all of them:

Clips: Wig clips are just like small combs that are used to install lace front wigs or extensions along the natural hairline. They perfectly secure the wig while giving it a realistic look and ensuring maximum comfort. Here’s how it is used:

1.Sew the clips along the edge of the wig by stitching through the inner layer. To ensure that the clip is sewed in properly, go through each hole at least three times from side to side.

2.Once the clip is attached around the wig, place it onto your head.

3.Now, Insert the clip on all the sides and back of your head and adjust the wig accordingly.

4.Just make sure that the clip teeth are facing towards you for a firm grip.

Wig grip: It is a form of a band that is used to hold and secure the wig for a longer period of time. Being made from soft materials like velour, it comfortably fits under any size or form of wigs. It has to be used in the following ways:

1.Place the wig grip behind the edges of your head and simply secure the wig grip by connecting different ends.

2.Now, carefully place the wig on your head and try to adjust the wig with straps.

3.Finally, fold or braid-up of your natural hair to fix the wig properly.

•Wig tape: Unlike adhesives, double-sided wig tape can install the lace-front wigs without causing any damage to your natural hair. You can use it in the following ways:

1.In case of sensitive skin, consider applying a thin layer of scalp protector or liquid band below the hairline.

2.Now, cut the wig tape into small strips and peel one side of the paper from the wig tape.

3.Position each strip around the perimeter of the hairline and remove the upper paper of the tape.

4.Place the wig along the contour of the hairline and press the wig tightly.

•Elastic band: This is one of the most reliable methods to secure the wigs for hours, especially if your wig is too heavy. Unlike adhesives, elastic bands are more durable and comfortable. Here the steps for using it:

1.Sew the elastic band horizontally across the back and nape area of the wig.

2.Adjust the wig on the head size properly and slightly pull the wig to check whether it’s adjusted or not.

These methods of wig installation are definitely better than using wig glue as they do not pose any side-effects to your natural hair and scalp. Also, these work best for wigs for cancer patient where comfort is the top priority.

So what are you waiting for? Shop for the finest range of lace front wigs Canada today and adopt these methods to wear your favorite wigs.

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