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What’s Better For Patients Battling With Cancer: Wigs or Hats?

When it comes down to selecting a protective head gear in the absence of original hair, due to various reasons be it chemo or other therapies, it is essential that we keep in mind the wearers’ comfort. They are already going through a life-altering phase and surely do not want to worry about the weight on top of their head. When wondering whether to go for a hat or a wig for women battling with cancer, we’d suggest that you ask them certain questions before suggesting them either of the options. As in conditions like these, it’s the comfort of the patient that matters and not the style. So it is always better to ask them their choice rather than suggesting them anything.

So here some things to look out for when it’s just the start:

1) The duration for which one will wear the head gear

If you are looking for long overhauls in testing climates then we’d unbiasedly suggest you to go with a hat. However, if one plans on attending a function or something then they surely can invest in a colorful wig as per their requirement. But the final choice will be of the wearer itself.

2) The sensitivity of the scalp.

It is essential to keep in mind that the entire body is sensitive post chemotherapy and other radiations. Hence, whatever one uses must be of optimum quality. If one has a sensitive scalp then they can switch between wigs and hat/hair scarves when outside and indoors respectively. Buy only the finest from wigs Toronto Canada as they are popular for their specialized wig products and other hair beauty needs.

3) Alternate options

One can also opt for a wig hat or hats with hair as they are popularly known as. Whatever be the reason for the hair loss, some do not like the after-effects of the same. While a hat gives you protection against sun and other things, it doesn’t necessarily give you the ‘look’ that you’re accustomed to. This is where wigs with hair fall into the picture. You can find hairpieces with different human hair types too if all you want is a natural look.

4) How well can one maintain the wig?

With wigs comes the wig cleaning guide. One needs to look well after these hairpieces so that they look their best. Wig maintenance is essential if one plans on using them frequently. Certain hair loss facts include this that during the regrowth stage the scalp needs to breathe well. A wig buying guide will help you find just the right wig that’ll allow you to explore this arena.

5) Budget in hand

It is essential that one invests in a wig that is customized as per their requirements so it isn’t too tight or loose. With hats, one surely won’t encounter this problem but then again, you cannot always use a hat. There will be certain occasions where you’d want to look your best and this is where your wig will come in. Finding the right wig is quite the task but the returns are worth the effort. However, there’s no harm in wearing hats on special occasions too if you are comfortable wearing them.

Keeping the comfort of the wearer in mind, certain wigs are developed with a soft base and mesh structure. A customized hat to suit one’s purpose is also helpful. Now it’s on you whether you want both or would go for anyone. For, each one of them is designed to meet their unique customer requirements. Hoping that this helps you make the right head gear choices.

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