Bidding strategies in Google Ads: how to choose the best and measure your success

Google Ads is the ideal platform to launch advertising campaigns and gain almost immediate visibility; the features it offers are unbeatable, as long as you choose the right bid! But how to achieve it? In this guide I will tell you what are the most effective bidding strategies in Google Ads and how to maximize your results.

If you have heard of Google Ads , formerly known as Google Adwords , you should know that this platform has a variety of tools focused on advertising campaigns; Since Google Ads was renewed, the way of advertising also changed and now what the giant search engine has called ' machine learning philosophy' is used , as well as artificial intelligence algorithms and a greater variety of advertisements (banners, videos, apps, etc).

Well, to keep up with the new Google Ads and achieve advertising success it is necessary to have a good eye to choose the correct bidding strategies . If you wonder how to achieve it, I assure you that it will not be as if by magic, but that you have to get down to work. If around 40 thousand ads per second are seen worldwide, how to stand out in the middle of the big ones?

The biggest advantage of Google Ads is that it leaves you with many options on the table and allows you to create your custom advertising plan according to your goals and needs.

If you are one of those who spend a lot of monthly budget on PPC campaigns and still do not see it quite clear, then, this guide that I created for you, will help you optimize your Google Ads campaign , improve your results and give you Relief to your pocket.

My team and I have designed endless campaigns in Google Ads and, believe me, the results could not be better. If you dare, we can design your Google Ads campaign to avoid headaches and maximize the return on investment of your Internet advertising , which is one of the reasons to delegate a campaign management to Google Adwords to a company . To give you an idea of how we will do it, I will tell you why by choosing the perfect bids in Google Ads you will have guaranteed success.

How does Google Ads choose your position in the list of advertisers?

Auctions or bids have existed for many centuries before Christ.

Although the ways of auctioning have been constantly changing, the auction concept is basically the same: to meet certain requirements to get 'the prize'. In the case of Google Adwords or Google Ads (as it is now called), auctions are only carried out if the tool, after evaluating your ads and Gss webtech, considers that a specific ad is what a person is looking for; Then, it shows.

Google Ads scores several aspects of the auction, to establish if an ad is shown for certain searches, and that's where the keywords come into play.

What I am saying is that, although it seems something very random and left to chance, it is not so; There are certain elements that weigh heavily when the Google tool ranks ads, and that's where SEM / PPC experts do our magic.

There are several aspects that Google Ads values for the auction to take place and at what price and, in this, the keywords directly influence, among others. Let's see what they are!

What components does Google Ads evaluate at auction?

Over there, someone said that Google Ads knows your target audience more than you do! And I will not dare to contradict this statement. Modifications of this tool were made so that, in record time and through artificial intelligence algorithms, the system determines many signals about your audience.

In fact, in real time this one can know where the person doing the search is located, if he intends to buy, from what type of device he searches, etc., and with this information he makes the auction and shows the ads to the user, that give 'match' according to your needs.

However, it is not that you should cross your arms and let someday, San Google Ads choose you; no, that's why there are bidding strategies in Google Ads and, fortunately, Google has let us know that he also considers three fundamental elements when making an auction:

Maximum cost-per-click bid for the classified keyword

Quality score for that keyword

Ad extensions , relevance and keywords

AdWords campaigns without an extra euro and without a customer less!

We will squeeze the advertising of Google Adwords to the maximum so that you do not lose a single euro and a client, adapting the expense to your budget and reaching the specific objectives set at all times.

Do we talk about your strategy?

Bid strategies and ad offers in Google Ads

I think what makes Google Ads the best platform worldwide to create successful ads and advertising campaigns, is that it is very flexible in terms of the strategies it allows you to use.

Each strategy gives you the opportunity to choose the campaign style you want: the term, level of aggressiveness, keywords to position yourself , visibility, etc.

As there are several alternatives, I will show you one by one.

Cost per manual Click (manual CPC)

The manual CPC is the option that allows you to have more control of the offers , as it allows you to adapt each offer according to your need and modify your campaigns along the way, depending on which ones are more profitable and which are not.

Of course, you must monitor the campaigns throughout the process, so it takes a lot of time .

If you are new to Google Ads, this could be the most viable option to start , since it leaves all the control of the budget that you are going to allocate for advertising in your hands.

One of its biggest advantages is that it admits that you set separate offers for different keywords.

As for the disadvantages , the first thing is that you should know at what time you should modify the offers and you have to find a way to evaluate the maximum offers according to their performance and objectives; if not, you will only be wasting money and time, and your results will be on the ground. Also, if you have many keywords to manage manually, it is likely that in the middle of the month you are more coiled than a top and do not know how to focus them.

Auto Click Cost (CPC)

Automatic CPC gives Google full control to maximize your offers and optimize them , and it is a good option if you want to increase your daily clicks , as Google Ads will be responsible for raising or lowering your offers to achieve this goal.

Its biggest advantage is that it will help you keep your impressions for a long time even if you have to decrease the budget.

But one of its biggest disadvantages is that it is not very useful if you want a CPC for individual keywords, especially in cases where you have unequal keywords: some with higher search volume than others.

Enhanced Cost per Click (ECPC)

An Enhanced CPC or ECPC ( Enhanced Cost Per Click , for its acronym in English) is one of the most used Google Ads strategies when you need to increase conversions , optimizing the cost per click.

This strategy leaves Google free to increase auctions by up to 30% and decrease them, whatever it deems necessary, in case it ends up with a low conversion rate.

The enhanced CPC has the possibility of predicting which search engines can leave more conversions by analyzing search data and using artificial intelligence algorithms.

Cost per acquisition / conversion (CPA)

CPA, or conversion optimizer, focuses only on conversions; This strategy will leave you conversions yes or yes .

This strategy requires that you have at least a history of 15 conversions in 30 days, in order to function. This requirement will determine an average cost for each conversion , so the only thing that can limit or stifle this strategy is that you have no more budget.

Simply put, with the CPA you tell Google Ads what is the cost with which you should try to convert your users 'at all costs'.

Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM)

One of the bids in Google Ads that has been stealing the show in recent times is the CPM, although clearly this strategy is only available for YouTube videos and Display ads (those that appear in some small space of a Web or blog and are related to the theme that the user searched for).

In this case, a fixed price is established for every thousand views or impressions, not per click . You will have to pay, even, if your ads are not seen by the user, but they appear somewhere on the page you are reviewing.

The CPM could favor you when you have an ad that achieves high conversions , as it will maximize these results.

By the way, if this is your case, you may be interested in knowing strategies to achieve success on YouTube .

Cost per Thousand Impressions Visible (vCPM)

This Google Ads strategy is similar to the previous one, only that you will pay for every thousand visible ads . Those ads that appear on the page by 50% are considered 'visible'.

In the case of YouTube, it should appear for at least 2 seconds, and for a second, in the case of network display ads. Similarly, you will pay for every 1000 views.

Bid by ROAS target

The ROAS objective focuses on the return on investment when considering the percentage of your conversions .

As a disadvantage I tell you that it is one of the Google Ads strategies that needs more mathematical calculation , and well, if you are like most, it requires a previous work on your part to prepare the campaign. But I assure you it is a great move if you want to maximize the conversion value and be able to quantify it in money.

To apply this bid, you have to sit down and calculate how much money you expect to return when you invest , for example, € 2 in auctions. If for this amount you expect to get € 10, then you must apply a formula: in this example, it would be to divide € 10 / € 2 and multiply by 100%, to get the target ROAS. The target ROAS for our example would be 500%, and this is the value that you are going to set to Google Ads as a goal.

ROAS is an excellent strategy to increase sales , especially for small businesses.

Maximize Conversions

Maximizing conversions is a radical move and is a good alternative to get the most conversions according to the budget we are willing to invest.

In addition, it is a simple bid and you will only need to tell Google, in the configuration, how much you are willing to spend daily . Google Ads will manage this money for you, and will do so strategically and wisely.

To evaluate if this strategy suits you, you can wait until the end of the month and check if it was profitable or not. If not, you leave the bid and go for another. The biggest advantage is that it gives you absolute control over your budget , and you won't have to deal with heart attack bills at the end of the month.

Maximize Clicks

Maximizing clicks works similarly to maximizing conversions, but at the click level.

It's not like automatic bidding, as it allows you to configure this option for specific ads or specific keywords , which is already a great advantage.

To apply this strategy in Google Ads you just have to tell them what daily amount you are willing to invest to increase your clicks . Google will not exceed this budget and it is best that you can manually configure it for a day or even for a specific time and for the entire campaign, a group of ads or certain keywords that have higher search volume.

As you can see, it is one of the most flexible types of Google Ads bids there are.

Destination Search Page Location

There are many jokes (hilarious) about appearing on the results pages that are not the first page of Google. What I am trying to say is that SEO and all the strategies and tools that SEO professionals usually talk about are destined to be among Google's first options, since nobody wants to go beyond the first page. Nobody wants to be anyone's main course; not even from Google!

So, why are you going to have ads outside the SERP homepage? Has no sense! And less when this costs you money.

You must configure your ads so that Google has the power to make them appear on the first page of the results page (SERP) or at the top of it, which would be, perhaps, the most optimal.

But of course, it is not that you pick up the phone and call Google Ads and ask them to position you in the first “because yes”, but the tool will evaluate when you are able to occupy this position according to user searches and auctions.

But in that case, the first thing is to make the request that only show your ad when it is to be the first or otherwise, not to show you .

Top Ranking Fee

With the higher ranking quota, or 'beat your enemies' as I jokingly like to call this bid strategy, you must tell Google which competitor you want to overcome (also Google Ads advertiser), because you can only attack one at a time .

What Google will do is show your ads in those places where your competition has left empty space, which will make positions higher than your rival company of course, this strategy will be efficient as long as you really have an offer (ad) that improves on your target's. If everything goes smoothly, your CTR will increase, as well as your position and other important aspects to increase conversions .

Well, now the small letters come: you should know that the costs with this type of bid strategy are not low , so think about it and control your budget a lot.

Cost per Vision (CPV)

If you want to invest money in advertising to reach your audience, then CPV strategy could help you achieve this goal.

It is about offering a cost for each visualization and this bid is limited only to the videos of the TrueView platform , whether people watch the video or part of it, or interact with it.

You must set a fixed value that you will pay for each visualization or participation; A view is considered as such when the user watched the video for at least 30 seconds.

The best advice I can leave you with is to establish a CPV as low as possible to start , and then you make adjustments when measuring your results. As you move towards your goal, you can increase this CPV to reach your target audience.

Target Impression Share

Target Impression Share is a relatively new Google Ads bidding strategy, but it has been giving very good results, especially for those looking to expand their brand name quickly and work on branding .

It consists of trying to dominate the auctions for certain specific keywords, which makes you always be on the play, and your ads will show 100% on the results page or SERP . This 100% means that you have given permission to appear in all your goals, so you will appear in all searches that rank for your keywords.

It seems like a good thing, but sometimes it is not so good, as many of these searches may not be as relevant and unlikely to lead to a conversion , although you will clearly be making your brand known.

And well, the costs can be very high . My advice is that, to avoid budget problems, select a percentage that is not 100% to start with, and restrict your daily budget, since Google will now intelligently bid for you.

Will I lose positioning on Google if I don't have a Blog on my website?

What is the purpose of your campaigns in Google Ads?

I have already explained the bidding strategies that you can apply and what are their possible results; But how do you know where to start? Before deciding on one bid or another , you should be very clear about your goals for campaigns in Google Ads.

Why are you pagan for advertising? I hope it's not just because someone else does it and now! You should focus on the purpose of your campaigns, and understand that each campaign, or even each ad, deserves a different treatment, as it usually has different goals.

In addition, by now everyone knows that to have an optimal online business it is necessary to take care of other aspects, far beyond sales and ROI. The presence, the knowledge of the brand, the trust of the audience, among others, are assets that you do not have to measure in money, but that they translate into growth. It may be that investing in SEO leaves you much more than conversions, helps you build customer loyalty and grow your authority. These should also be important objectives of any online company.

Let's see what goals are behind Gogle Ads bids .

Get conversions

The conversions are the primary goal of advertising on Google Ads , so we did not get back very mystical about this. To achieve them, you can implement the strategies of CPA, ROAS, Maximize Conversions and Outranking.

Gain traffic

If conversions in a given campaign are not your main obsession, you may have to increase your traffic , so it will be very useful to choose Maximize clicks, pay for a manual CPC, or configure the landing page location.

Promote your brand

To publicize your brand and promote it , without having to focus on conversions and traffic (although if both arrive, everything would be perfect), you can opt for the CPM, the vCPM, the Target Impression Share and the location of the page of destiny.

Since it is you who decides how long your campaigns will be and the types of ads you will create, you do not have to type in only one goal at a time, but you can try a different bid for each of these goals.

Let's launch your campaign and start selling once and for all!

We will squeeze the advertising of Google Adwords to the maximum so that it gives results at last. Not a cent more. Not a customer less.

Let's start then!

Conclusion: the correct Google Ads bids will attract the right audience

Google Ads is the platform par excellence to create advertising and make it arrive in bulk; There is no doubt about that, but it is not as easy as it seems. It is not about disbursing money left and right, without obtaining concrete results.

Sometimes, it is not only the budget that is the biggest constraint to achieve the goals of a company, but how it is invested.

It takes a lot of time and training in the tool . This is the reason why, to many companies that consult us and we see that they will not be able to devote enough attention, we do not recommend using and managing Adwords themselves and delegating it to experts .

If you have understood everything that I explained in this post, you will know how to choose the ideal Google Ads bid for each campaign, and you will have control of the chosen keywords at all times, without having to throw the dice or cross your fingers to make it work. Well, it should work.

I do not say that in a month or two you will have achieved a magical CTR, but you will have climbed and achieved a better classification , as well as you will notice that your brand has greater acceptance among your audience . Remember, these types of techniques require patience and dedication, if not, anyone with a good portfolio of money would be the master of Google SERPs. But Google does not obey these rules!

If you are interested in learning more about the exciting world of Google Ads, I recommend two very interesting readings:

AdWords, manual or automatic bidding? Which strategy is better?

How much does it cost and how much does advertising management cost in Google Adwords?

Now to say goodbye, I invite you to share this article with your friends on social networks, because that way you can help them invest their money more wisely in Google Ads.

If you have questions or comments, you can leave them in the form you will find below. It will be a pleasure to help you!

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