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Is It Safe To Order Contact Lenses Without A Prescription?

Buying contact lenses traditionally means going to a licensed eye specialist, getting your eyes checked, availing a prescription, and then going after showing the prescription, buying them from the medical stores. The whole process takes a lot of time and money, and if you are working throughout the day, it is difficult to take out a few hours to buy the contact lenses.

However, there are several websites like that let its user buy the lenses without a prescription. You just have to log in to the website, choose suitable lenses from the wide range it offers, pay and check out, and receive the box containing your contact lenses at your doorstep. Buying from these websites means that you can be sure about the quality since they only sell branded lenses as well as saving money by availing the discounts they offer.

But why do you need a prescription for buying lenses? It is because a low-quality pair of lenses can cause abrasion in your eyes. Furthermore, since lenses directly lay on the surface of your eyes, they need to be properly fit. Also, you need to be sure that the lenses suit your eyes.

Purchasing contact lenses from the internet can be risky. For starters, there are several websites that do not sell authentic contacts. You must ensure that you are not buying from such a website. Other things that you should be aware of before buying contact lenses online are:

Your Accurate Power

When it comes to your eyes, you cannot risk anything. If you wear contact lenses that are not same as your power, you will end up with a headache, dry eyes, irritation in eyes, etc. Also, the money that you spent on those lenses would also be a waste.

You should only buy lenses online if you are sure about your power. When you are buying lenses for the first time, you might think that lenses and glasses have the same power, which is not true. Lenses sit directly on your eye while glasses are worn a few millimeters above the eyes. Therefore, these two mediums of getting a clearer eye vision need separate tests and have different power.

Authenticity Of The Seller

The major drawback while buying online is that it is very difficult to be sure about the authenticity of the seller. There are multiple websites that claim to sell branded lenses but a few offer reliable products. You must ensure that the website you are planning to buy from sells genuine products. You can read reviews and the website’s ‘About Us’ section to know more.


The websites sell the same lenses at varying prices. The discounts that these websites offer vary a lot. You must visit different websites selling contact lenses before you buy from one. This way, you will have the chance to get the best deal. Additionally, you can research to find out which brands sell the same type and quality of lenses, and choose the ones that fit your budget.

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