Lenna Elian

Eggplant filled with minced meat

When I was young I remember my mom was cooking and baking in the kitchen. The good smells of her delicious meals filled all the house. I remember her was calling me to come and help her, I think that she tried teach me her cooking secrets and what makes her food so tasty. But, I just like an adolescent girl, preffered to watch TV or to go to my friends. Today, when I am 27 years old, I regreate that I did not listen to her and try to get some mom tips of how to cook well. So I utilize her knowledge and experince and ask her to teach me her favourite recipes. The recipe is of eggplant filled with minced meat roasted in the oven. I think this recipe is one of the best meals I have been ever eaten and what makes it unique is the right counts of spices and the oven roasting time. Enjoy the recipe!


4 large eggplant

Coarse salt for cooking

1 chopped onion

2 crushed garlic cloves

1/2 pound ground beef

1/2 cup pine nuts lightly roasted in a pan

1 cup chopped parsley

1 tomato paste box

Sweet red paprika

Garlic powder



Oil for frying



Slice the eggplants down into slices half a cm thick.

Place the eggplant in a colander and sprinkle with coarse salt. Leave with the salt for two hours so that the eggplants will provoke fluids.

Rinse and dry the eggplants.

Cut the onion to chooped pieces, if you have a good knife for cutting veggeis or any of vegetable slicers you can use them for your comforatble.

Heat oil in a large deep pan (about 1 cm) and fry the eggplants on both sides until golden.

You should let the eggplant to cool before proceeding to next step.

Fry the onion in a little oil to a degree of transparency, add the crushed garlic, there are today some good garlic pressers, so your hands will not get a garlic smell, fry for about a minute. Add the minced meat and continue frying until the meat is completely crumbled and begins to change color. Add the pine nuts and parsley and season with red paprika, salt and pepper.

At this stage you can work with the cold eggplant and hot filling.

Place a little eggplant in the center of the filling and roll it to the end.

Place in a serving dish suitable for the oven.

Repeat with all the eggplants. If left slightly of the filling can be spread between the eggplants.

Mix the tomato paste in a bowl with 2 cups of water, a sweet red paprika spoon, a tablespoon of garlic powder and salt.

Pour the sauce over the eggplant, wrap in foil and place in a 200 ° C oven for half an hour.

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