Few Best Fitness Tracker for Weight Loss

Most often these are people professionally involved in certain sports and looking for a suitable tracker for running, swimming or cycling. But you can use this gadget for other purposes - for losing weight and maintaining health. It should be remembered that finding the best tracker for weight loss is very difficult. For this purpose, you need a special tracker that has all the functions that help to reduce weight. We considered a variety of options, and found the best. Here are our recommendations. THE BEST FITNESS TRACKERS FOR WEIGHT LOSS


This high-tech gadget, developed by Jawbone, is one of the best fitness weight loss trackers. The manufacturer awarded him not only a stylish design, but also all the necessary functions: counting steps, tracking sleep and monitoring heart rate. But, what will help you lose weight? Special features for those trying to lose weight, you will find in the free app UP. In addition to counting steps and activating reminders, he also tracks strength exercises, cycling (or exercise bike), zumba fitness, yoga, skiing, and more. The application automatically calculates the number of calories burned. A smart tracker motivates you by setting individual goals and giving you tips for maintaining health. The following two functions make this smart bracelet ideal for weight loss. The UP3 app allows you to choose a dish from thousands of restaurants, automatically calculate calories consumed, the fat content of your favorite snack and the amount of sugar in the dessert. This application gives you the opportunity to choose low-calorie foods, as well as compare calories consumed and burned. And if you daily enter your weight, the application will make a plan: how many calories you can consume, and how many you need to burn. Available colors: black, black / gold, indigo, ruby, sand, silver, turquoise, gray. Functions: pedometer, calorie counter, sleep sensor, heart rate monitor. Key features: sleep tracking, “smart” alarm clock, automatic sleep detection, splash protection, LED notification indicator, battery lasts up to 7 days, wireless synchronization. FITBIT BLAZE SMART FITNESS WATCH

The Fitbit company one of the first combined wireless technologies with habitual devices, having developed smart scales of Fitbit Aria WiFi. Therefore, if you are looking for the best weight loss tracker, we recommend the Fitbit Blaze smart watch. They have a lot of amazing features that you will find only in premium class trackers. One of the main features is the continuous monitoring of the heart rate and the ability to connect using a GPS phone, to compare the route and visual statistics of pace and duration of the run. Fitbit Blaze also has a new application called Fitstar - step-by-step instruction workouts. Thus, this smart watch performs the function of a personal trainer. Blaze recognizes different types of exercises and has several sport modes. By jogging or cycling, you can watch real-time cardio statistics. Royal London watches offer a variety of exercises for weight loss, and also allow you to set weekly workouts and check your progress. Like most other smart watches, the model Fitbit Blaze can change the strap, selecting the appropriate for your style of clothing. And also receive calls and messages and receive the necessary calendar alerts. It is possible to remotely adjust the volume of your smartphone (play, pause and switch the song). And some features, such as sleep tracking and silent alarms, are currently not available even for Apple watches. Functions: pedometer, determining the distance, the number of calories burned, heart rate monitor, recognition of various sports. Key features: GPS connection (to smartphone), additional removable straps, smart notifications (calls, sms, calendar), music management (on smartphone), automatic sleep tracking, silent alarms, workout registration, battery power lasts up to 5 days. GARMIN VIVOSMART HR FITNESS TRACKER

Today, Garmin produces the best fitness trackers in terms of price and quality. Garmin Vivosmart citizehas many features to help lose those extra pounds. his fitness tracker is an advanced model that tracks not only physical activity, but also heart rate monitoring. He uses heart rate information to more accurately calculate calories burned and workout effectiveness.

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