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Security Systems Have Become the Need of the Hour

Growing crime rate has made it impossible for people to leave their loved ones alone and home unattended. This can be a problem as occasionally; people need to go for business meetings or family holidays. Having a security system installed in your premises can take the load off. With high tech cameras and advanced security systems, you can easily monitor and manage your home or office remotely. These days, motion activated cameras, professional grade security cameras and video surveillance systems can be installed to provide you with high definition video, thereby providing you peace of mind.

Thanks to advances in the field of technology, your home and office can be better secured than earlier. You can now control the lights, locks, security system, thermostat, and garage door with automated home security systems. Get motion detectors and other sensors (fire, CO, flood, broken glass etc.) installed and manage them through emails and text. The latest in security systems is the access control system.

What are Access Control Systems?

These are also known as Card Readers and can be used to secure not just your home, its belongings but also your most treasured possession; your loved ones. All of this is managed using your credentials. Since Kansas City is notorious for the high crime rate, there have been many requests for Access control systems Kansas City. The access control systems are IP-based and are comprised of two components; an input device (keypad or card reader) and an electronic lock for gate or door. The card access has different levels of security and is of different types. Another important aspect is the key fob access control which provides access to the premises using fob or the smartphone app. The components included in access control systems:

• Electronic locks – These can be secured your apartment gate or the main door. These are of different varieties including magnetic locks which use electricity to lock the gate. The presence of exit motion detector makes it easy for people; however, you will need backup power to keep the doors locked (in case of power outage). Electric door strikes can be used on existing hardware and can be opened using card reader or even a key. For securing apartment buildings, deadbolt locks can be used which can be opened using fob, smart card and the smartphone app.

• Input devices – These devices include card reader (use radio waves to read the authorize entry), fingerprint scanner (obvious advantage over cards), keypads (require code to open and close) and smart phones (specific apps to control the security of the premises).

Why should you opt for Access control systems Kansas City?

In general, there has been an increase in the spate of crimes across the country, but Kansas City has become quite dangerous as per surveys conducted. It is considered the 9th most dangerous city in the country with a crime rate that is 128% higher than the national average. On an average nearly 17.17 daily crimes occur in the city for every 100,000 people. To avoid becoming another figure to these statistics, it is important that you take measures to ensure your and your loved ones’ safety.

You need to discourage any prospective criminal from targeting your family or home. This can be done by keeping valuables away from your home and placing a good security system within sight. Additionally, you can make measures to ensure that your doors, windows and garage are locked. If either of the above-mentioned methods doesn’t work, then early detection of intrusion can help foil the burglar’s plan and alert the authorities.

What are the advantages of using Access control systems Kansas City?

Like CCTV video surveillance and intruder warning systems, Access control systems Kansas City is a physical security system which helps protect unwanted intrusion. The various advantages of having access control systems include:

• Avoid any unwanted access to your family, home, office and business operation

• Limit the occupancy rate in specific areas during and after business hours

• Protect information and intellectual property from access as well as theft

• Decrease cost of locks and managing keys

• Can be easily controlled and monitored from a distant centralised office

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